To all Memebers

Hi! to All Members of SDIG,

I am happy to have all 56 members in this group.
I want to use this opportunity to welcome everyone and to wish everybody a Happy Holiday and a prosperous new year for this wonderful group of people here on SDIG.
Sorry I happen to be inactive for a while, that's because I was gone to serve my country in a part time endeavor, and I'm back in town. I am still trying to get a hold of what's going on as far as what's happenning in the Market.

Any Ideas and comments, let's share with each other so we can move this group ahead, and hpoefully we can all meet one day, so we can all figure this out, 56 members here in San Diego we can actually take San Diego by storm....Let's all work together. Hope to see where we go from here. If there is anybody here in the military, please when you reply pls notify me, so we can also know how many GI's we have in the house.

Finally, let's buckle-up and get to business as usual.



welcome back

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thank you for serving our country. i am new to this and wrote you a while ago to see if you were still active and have members in this area. do you have meetings? i would like to be invited to you next one. my email address is kekeehn@****. thank you

membership in san diego club?

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**** is the see where the meetings are being held. please let me know when the next one is and where. thanks, r.e. titan

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