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Automated Probate Finder Description:

One of the most important parts to profit from Probate real estate is finding the great deals in your area before anyone else knows they exist. Dean explains the many ways to do this in the book. Yet since they all take time and effort some people have asked if they could pay Dean for a more automated service or if he could even find the deals for them. Well of course Dean does not have the time to personally find the deals for you, but he did the next best thing.

Dean and his team spent nearly $40,000 and months of work and created a system that once you set up can bring profitable Probate deals right to your doorstep automatically. It is a marketing system that will eat up any competition when it comes to finding great deals right in your area, or around the country, first.

This could truly be the #1 ingredient to making massive profits faster and easier.

With this system, you will receive:

  • Access to our Automated Probate Finder Website
  • Instruction Manual detailing how to use the system successfully

This one of a kind system could literally sell for thousands of dollars, but through this first call offer today you can get completely set up with this revolutionary system for just $197. If that seems a little pricey, consider the time, money and 25 years of experience that went into creating this secret weapon. Plus, Dean is so confident in the money this system can make you, that he is giving you a full, 30 day unconditional money back guarantee

And to get you started immediately – with your order today, I am authorized to give you instant access to this incredible program over the phone.– that means within minutes form hanging up you could be on your way to your first probate profit; you will have your very own real estate web site set up and ready to make you money plus have personalized business cards and letters ready to be printed through our proprietary business wizard.

Literally, with this brand new system, you could be on your way to making money that fast. And that is only the beginning of what this program can do for you.

Would you like to get started today with Dean’s all new Probate Finder system?

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Customer Reviews:

Probate Finder

Hi! Does anyone know how I can see how this wonderful automated system works?
I am anxious to get a peek to learn more!!

Is This The FREE Website?

Is this the "FREE Website" that comes with the "NEW" 'Your Town-Your Real Estate Profits' TV infomercial offer?

If so, what exactly does it do for you to find the 'BirdDog' deals? Thanks.

Is The Probate Finder a FREE Website?

gleclair's picture

Is this a "FREE Website" that comes with the "NEW" 'Your Town-Your Real Estate Profits' TV infomercial offer?

If so how can I get this to reveiw it? I have already purchased Dean's new package but did not get access to this web site. Thanks.

FREE Website ===>

FREE Website ===>

If you need a FREE Contract Generator too, send me a private message either here or on Facebook...

darryl "aliano" dean
Austin, Texas

Free Contract Generator

I am new to "Dean's Family" but read in his book to look at his video on probate. I read the comments & saw yours mentioning "Free Contract Generator"? I am not familiar with this? What is it & how do I get it?

Thanks for your help & sorry to bug you.

free contractor generator

Hello, I am new to this site and is very excited to begin at the most basic step. I was reading your post to someone else that was confused about the free website and I think it was very nice of you to help her with the information. I am also seeking the contract generator. If you can provide the info on how or at which step that takes place I would greatly appreciate it. I am a single parent w/ 3 little girls and no income. I am very eager to get started so I can do more for my kids n myself thank you and god bless!

FREE Contract Generator

I could use that

For Life?

Is one time nothing else to buy after paying $197.00 for the "Automated Probate Finder Website" access? Will there be any additional fees/charges? Is there additional subscription levels i.e. Silver, Gold, Platinum levels? For $197.00 will I have total access for life?

Which is best to start?

RightChoiceToday's picture

If I can only buy one, either the automated Foreclosure Finder or the automated Probate Finder, which is the most important to have first? I am new today and funds at tight.
Valerie in AZ

Funds tight..

Yeah, Valerie
I'm in the same situation.. and wondering also.
A few $$$ only goes so far.
I noticed you are in Arizona too.
I'm in the Prescott area.. Where are you?
Hope you do well.

Prescott deals

Michael Del Prete's picture

Are you finding off market deals in prescott? Im buying in the area if you have anything. Thanks

Please help with Probate Finder

Does anyone know the Probate Finder Software works and can give me a few tips about getting started. I read many positive things about it. Thanks in advance.
Robert in VA


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If you would like to speak with one of our highly trained customer service representatives regarding the Automated Probate Finder, please call 866-510-8060.

Thank you,

Probate System

How can I get some info on it and how does it work.
I am interested in using it for my business. Any information I get will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

What a GREAT program

I've just finished setting up my probate website and my 800# (cost extra) with the provided recorded probate message. It was so easy to do -looks and sounds so professional. I really appreciate the templets for the flyers and business cards since I am not very creative. The program also has email auto responder with a series of follow up emails that can be sent out automaticlly. Dean has thought of everything!

I haven't put it to work yet, but I am anxious to do so. Within this week if all goes as planned.

For all of those wanting a peek at the system, there's really no way to look at it unless you buy it. You can look at one of the probate websites (mine is but you can't see the back office or the other good stuff included.

Update: After many, many months I find myself very disappointed in my results. Zero response. No calls or emails. I have to admit, I spent no money to promote this site, because I had no money to spare. I did advertise heavily on the free sites. I wish I had spent the money on bandit signs instead. Blessings to all.

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