Brand Newbie

Hi my name is Mike,
I am totally new here and just got the book (I'm on page 100) Still a bit nervous about the whole unknown thing. Any advice or help is always appreciated.

Hey Mike

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Hello Mike,

I'm Erika, my husband and I are new too, I have been on the site for awhile reading and studying. Still in pause mode d/t no really understanding what my first step should be. I am currently reviewing the BARM and TALD again. I just got the new book. But I set a date to getting in motion this month.

Like you have bad credit and no money so from what I can tell bird dogging is the place to start. I have joined a REI club here Localy.

Trying to start a Buyers List. I will keep you posted. I think I am stumped with should I form a business or go with the flow.


How has it been so far for you? I am still reading BARM and I hope to finish it this weekend.

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