Creating Tax Free Wealth

If you have 401K money or money sitting in an IRA doing nothing but complaining that you don't have money for deals, get educated.

The IRS makes it legal for you to fire them and to create tax free wealth with the power of a Self Directed IRA.

What are you waiting for?

I do not sell SDI plans but I can help you through the process of getting one set up. FOR FREE!

I've had a self directed for over 2 years and my only regret in not having one since I first heard about them in the late 80's.

Shoulda, coulda, woulda, oh well! How about you? Do group members already have one?

Ask a question, participate, engage, invite friends to join this group and build some tax-free profitable momentum.

Have a happy St. Patrick's day.


Minimum Requirements

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Is there a minimum amount requirement to get started using your IRA and/or 401K?

Mimimum Needed To Open An Account

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Typically this depends on the custodian. Some require as little as $250 or $500 dollars to open one.

Please tell me how

I am very interested in this matter could you please tell me how it is done.


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Here are ths steps:

1.Decide if you want a Roth (After Tax) or tradidional (pretax) IRA.

2. You open an Self Directed IRA account with one of several Custodians registered with the Securities Exchange Commission. I can only vouch for the one I use.

2. Fund the account, either:
a) Through contributions allowed by IRS rules - (April 15 is deadline for 2008 retirement account controbutions).

b) Roll over funds from an existing IRA or employer 401K.

3. Look for deals and learn what the IRS allows you to buy in your IRA.

That's the beginning.

Happy Tax Free Welath Building....Go for it!!!

Yeah I nknow I messed up my outline numbers above :)

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Still working on perfection...


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Hi Fjaq,

So other than my flawed outline numbering (LOL), did you get a clear idea of what you need to do to buy real property with your IRA or 401K Rollover?

Shoot me some questions.

Group member poll?

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Group - have you all had experience with self directed IRAs?

What kind of deals are you doing? Want to do?


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please can you help me/us my wife and I with this process? she just left her job...just few money an little money in 401 k but we want to put in a self directed ...where can we do this and and how we can then access that money for rei



Self-directed IRA

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Hello George, What about a Self-directd IRA LLC? Thanks in advance....Pete


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Try I'm researching this strategy as well. It's very informative!


Buy Real Estate Notes for High, Long Term Yields

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Hi All,

We buy real estate notes and sell them to individuals & companies that want to receive high returns (10-18%+) that have low Investment-to-Value (ITV) ratio's. The real estate secures all of these notes. These are GREAT for self-directed IRA's. We were introduced to this at Dean’s 2009 Edge event in Phoenix.

Currently, we have several high yield products that you might consider. Please contact us if you have any interest in this type of investment. See our website at: or email us at

FYI, The is a where we have our self-directed IRA acct.

Tom & Debby