Frustrations Can Take It's Toll

Good Morning All,

Trying to get started in the REI business can be a scary, frustrating thing. There will be times that we will not have a good day and feel like no one wants to help us and then the discouragement comes. But, if you will stop, take a deep breath and think about the DG site you will remember that there is always someone here that is willing to help you. No one can actually do it for you, but they can provide advice, suggestions, investment knowledge and a lot of encouragement!

Unfortunately, yesterday we had a member remove himself from this group because he was frustrated with my repsonse to his post (Assigment/Wholesaling). In the intruduction to the group, I clearly stated the purpose of it. Although, a member was not feeling our purpose, it does not mean that we are not doing something good here. This is a place for Baltimore REIs to come together and compare notes, so to speak and to encourage each other and to keep each other motivated. That is our main purpose. We conduct ourselves professionally and courteously at all times. However, if you want to ask a question go right ahead. As newbies we will share what we know, but will lead you to where the "seasoned" investors can give you full and accurate information.

So march on newbies and don't quit trying to reach your dream! We are in this together even though we have to work independently of each other to reach our goals. If you are having a bad day give your fellow Baltimore members a shout and we will be there for you!

Verna (newage8767)


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I arrived in this country 5-6 years ago with only $20 in my pocket (my wallet was empty) with my 2 kids. I bought them Ice cream because they ask for it during our 1st stop at Los Angeles Airport only to find out that I will be paying $11, and I got $9 left and Baltimore is a long way to go. My only weapon in comming to this country is Courage, determination and strong desire to overcome whatever obstacles that will come my path towards success.

I Failed in different businesses here countless of times, but I can only remember 4. I said to my self, Welcome to the real world, welcome to America. I never stop. I made good as an Insurance Agent 2 years ago after I lost my JOB. I did'nt even know that Real Estate Investment Business exist in this country until I found Dean's infomercial. I got frustrated, I got scared, really scared until now especially when a listing agent would ask me "how am I gonna pay for the property that i'm presenting an offer", and my answer is "CASH". That word everytime it comes out my mouth really scares me to death. But that's how the book teach us. We bought the book in order to DUPLICATE what is written in it, we did not buy it to CREATE our own strategy.

Good thing Verna started this, LOL i'm just making a SHOUT OUT, I am frustrated, I told you part of my story because I want to show to everybody that I don't quit. I consider quitting as no longer part of my "English Vocabulary" LOL.

Thanks for the opportunity Verna for allowing me to shout. LA


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lrababao -- That's what I'm talking about!

I myself, was feeling the frustration today. The RE Attorney I was going to work with, won't respond to my emails! If that is not the handwriting on the wall I don't know what is! Yesterday I called my RE Agent to let her know what areas I wanted her to search the MLS for me. I had to leave her a message because she wasn't available. She returned my call, but I wasn't available so she left me a message. I wasn't prepared for the message she left! She dumped me before she ever had a chance to do anything for me! So now I have to start all over again to locate an agent and attorney! Why did these people agree to work with me only to just walk away? So yes, I've had my share of frustrations this week.

LM you were my inspiration today! After reading your post I really have no reason to complain! If you were strong enough to come to a strange place with nothing and were able to never give up and kept the faith and hope, I know you are strong enough to stay the course until you succeed.

We just have to keep plugging away and one day soon we will be rewarded.

Verna (newage8767)

Be Happy...always

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I'm always a big fun of my father especially his wisdom that he would sometimes borrow from some great philosophers. Everytime a situation like this comes my way, I would recall him saying " there was a man who cried because he has no shoes, and finally laugh, when he saw a man without a feet" by Confucius.

I always consider that i'm not the only one carrying all the burdens, the struggles, problems and frustrations, other people have too much to bare. Let's not worry, always be happy. LA.

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