Guess what happen to ME today!!!

Well fans and friends I am getting another deed to a property Worth about $15000. This makes five deeds in 3 years of paying the back taxes . Right next to some townhouses!!This is what happen.........First I Had bought some tax liens 3 yrs. ago now its time to collect my money or get the property. So I sent out my notices Well the next day the owner of the property called me wanted to know what this was . Well I explained it to him that I have being paying the taxes for the last 3 years. He said he gave it to a church they never filed the deed. Then he said let me see if I can get you that deed! How Much Fun was That!To sell or build on!!! Thanks for reading... I'll keep you posted!!

Fix Up Money

Hello. Im new to the Graziosi family and I've just finished reading the book yesterday, but i'm going over the book again to review facts that I didn't pick up the first time. I'm in Alabama as well. My question for you is this: Using the assingment/IIE strategy lets just say I find a property and get it under contract, but the property needs some repairs. How do I work out the deal as to where I can get the repairs done before I assign it without coming out of my own pocket with the money? Or is that even possible? Thanks in advance for your response!

well He Called!

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Hey Guys, Well he called and said my deed is ready! That makes 6 properties or is it Seven LOL, Man this is so much fun!! Its like Playing monopoly! My Favorite Game!!!!!

Got It!

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Well I got my Deed to the property its just a lot!But I Can Now build a little townhouse!If I so desire!And its Mine HA! HA! HA !


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Buy them and the props will come!!! Nice way to hang in there and get some results. Congrats...Jan

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