Handyman Specials - CASH only (buy one or all) - starting just over $3K

We have supply again (for everybody who missed it the last time around):

Handyman Specials (REO's) - CA$H only - Buy ONE or all.... (direct buyers only)

206 houses (nationwide)
package price $878K

Individual houses range in price from $3,100 to just under $20K.

Please, contact me as soon as possible.... they usually go FAST!

Best regards,
Conny Wolfram

connywolfram at yahoo

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It looks like you've been

It looks like you've been doing this for a while. Do you know of any hard money lenders you can refer me to? What do you have in the MD, DC or VA ares?


MD, DC and VA area & HML (Hard Money Lenders)

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the bad news: Even our platform has problems to fill our orders in those areas... not enough (cheap) supply. Occasionally, but rather seldom.

HML's: You can work with any lender which is extending loans/services in your state, even if their (corporate) office is in a different state.

Here are a few HML's my associates and I have dealt with in the past (please, do your own DD and don't consider this an endorsement.... except for the first one, which is the loan broker we are currently using for our local clients). Also, due to recent changes in the lending industry some of these lenders have gone out of business in the meantime:

+ FL, NC: SMA Investment Services, LLC --> Maureen Helm, owner (please, tell her that you received a recommendation from me.... she is very busy these days)
Email: info@smainvestmentservices.com

+ Brookview --> Paul?

+ MD: Commercial Lending, LLC
(410) 626-1020

+ MD: ARI Properties, Inc.
(404) 421-5578

+ MD: Onward Financial
(877) 303-3642

+ VA: Equity Development Corp
(888) 460-9096

+ VA: The Funding Solutions, Inc.
(203) 327-1200

Sorry, don't have time to type out my whole HML directory. Pls, contact me if you can't get anywhere with these.


Hi Conny

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What have you in WI? Thanks!


Cheap WI houses

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currently 4 of them left (as of last night). They start at just under $10K up to about $15 or $16K....

Milwaukee WI 53212
Milwaukee WI 53208
Milwaukee WI 53206
Milwaukee WI 53206

If you email me to my normal inbox (connywolfram at yahoo) I can send you the details.

BTW, that goes for ALL OTHER INQUIRIES as well: Especially when we have those cheap REO's we have usually hundreds of inquiries on those. So, PLEASE do not post your question or inquiry here, because my assistant and I do NOT have the time to check here all the time. Sorry about the inconvenience. Thank you, everybody!

Conny Wolfram

Florida cashflow Duplexes

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Send me a PM for details.


Do you have any property in Orange County, Southern California? Thanks

OC in CA

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Not as "cheapo" handyman special, no.

CA (in general) is THE most wanted diamond state, we have waiting list for ANYthing in CA. I can get/custom order CA for approx. 45 to 65 cents on the dollar.... but only Bulk Packages.



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Hello Conny,
Do you have one in San Bernardino County, Southern California?
I would appreciate it very much. Thank You


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.... please see my answer above! I can also check with my asset management liaison.... but normally nothing as cheap as the quoted prices in my blog.... Sorry. Thx.



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Do you have any in Dallas- North Central TX Area

Texas properties

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These are the only ones I have.Let me know ASAP if you want them.

404 Lanier New Boston TX 75570 $7,875.00
23617 AESTVAL PORTER TX 77365 $41,377.27
306 EAST WOOD AVE RAYMONDVILLE TX 78580 $15,683.61
1100 EAST OHIO STREET VAN TX 75790 $27,044.77


Do you have any props. in the central florida area. Also looking for investors in this area.

Do you have anything

Do you have anything available in Kansas City? Also looking for other investors in this area.

Brian 23

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I have many properties available in kansas city, missouri. Let me know what you are looking for.

You can review the 4 house package deal I currently have listed on ebay/


Any properties available in

Any properties available in phila. area?

st paul / mpls

do you have any properties in st paul mn

looking for;

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Southern oregon if had a line or 2 would be helpful....Thanks. R & D Allen

Long Shot here how bout OUTSIDE OF DETROIT.

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What do you have that is NOT in Detroit?

Thank you

Virginia, Georgia

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I'm looking for houses in Richmond, VA and Augusta, GA. Anything?