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Weekly Wisdom #254 - Leopards Changing Spots

Can people really change? It’s been said if you aren’t climbing, you’re sliding, what do you think? In this video, Dean reveals how he’s changing one of his most nagging behaviors AND gives you a chance to win his awesome laptop by posting something you want to change below. There’s also a new opportunity to grab some of Dean’s personal and best deals for yourself.

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Weekly Wisdom #255 - Tips For Boundless Energy

In this video Dean announces the winner of his laptop. If you posted a comment on his previous Weekly Wisdom, watch now and see if you won. You’ll also hear what Dean attributes his amazing, steady supply of high energy to – and what you can do every day if you want to feel the same way. There’s a terrific challenge here for all who will accept it. This might be the blog that helps you take your life to the next level.

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Weekly Wisdom #260 - Scary Good Contest

There ain't no trick this week, just a big fat treat. This is your chance to win $5,000 by just telling us what your best secret is. Something you have discovered that changed your life and that you think can change others. Watch the video and then click the link below to enter the contest.

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Weekly Wisdom #256 - Enthusiasm?

There’s so much packed into this blog, no description would do it justice. So here’s a summary:
- You’ll hear Dean’s response to your requests for more specifics about his personal nutrition regiment.
- Find out how Dean gets his seemingly supernatural enthusiasm.
- The simple steps to living without fear and crushing your goals.
- What to do (and what to avoid like the plague) when talking to buyers or sellers.
- How to let go of things that drag your attitude down and ruin your day.

And, much, much more. So, watch, comment and share with others.

Weekly Wisdom #259 - Check Ya'Self

...'Before Ya Wreck Yourself' as the saying goes. Are you being intentional in your thinking, your conversations and what you focus on? Here's some food for thought on how that is affecting your success and your happiness.

Weekly Wisdom #258 - Roar!

Yep, that’s the sound a lion makes and it means today is your time to find your power. In this video Dean reveals an exercise that you will use to zero in on the dangers, opportunities and strengths in your life. Grab a piece of paper and get ready to see your life from a whole new, exciting perspective.

Weekly Wisdom #257 - Destroy That Which Isn't Excellent

This week, the message is simple. Dean gives you one simple task that will change everything for you. It’s time to do some damage for the better, step-by-step.

Weekly Wisdom #269 - 2014 Kickoff

I hope 2013 was a great year for you... and here is the great news: Whether it was spectacular or drastic, it's behind you. Either way, your past is there to be research and development. So now it's time to take those lessons and use them as wind behind our sails and make 2014 a year or transformation and fulfillment.

This week I dive into how to to crush the old stereotypical "New Years Resolutions" and start making solid steady progress that will make all other years jealous of the success you will achieve.

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Weekly Wisdom #263 - Your 30 Day Plan

The year is winding down. If you haven’t achieved the goals you hoped for in 2013, this Weekly Wisdom will give you an action plan to get on track before Christmas. Dean takes to the whiteboard to show you 4 specific actions that can produce results for you.

If you missed the LiveCast from November 12th, Click Here To Watch The Livecast Replay

Weekly Wisdom #262 - Dig the Well Before You Thirst

We all have those moments when life throws us a curve. Something completely unexpected that throws you for a loop. Here’s what Dean learned from one such “scary” event involving his son, it’s something worth applying to your life and goals.

Weekly Wisdom #261 - Making an Impact

A few months ago we did a promotion for the “Abundance” book. Here’s an update on what you helped to do for the tornado victims. You’ll also hear how making an impact in the lives of others is often easier than you think – and does wonders for your own sense of worth too.

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Weekly Wisdom #265 - The One About...Sleeping Dogs?

There is a saying "let sleeping dogs lie" and it means leave something alone if it might cause trouble. Well in this Weekly Wisdom, Dean Graziosi suggests that maybe there are some "sleeping dogs" that need a nudge. The challenge here is to wake up the part of you that desperately wants to change your life, but for some reason has gone to sleep.

Weekly Wisdom #267 - Doug Clark from Flip Men

If you doubt you can succeed in real estate, then this video is going to change your mind. You'll meet the guy who went from making $17,000 a year and accidentally discovered real estate, to having his own reality TV show. You'll also find out the winner of the free iPhone and get a peek at 10 of the most successful investing tips that you can steal and start using this week. It's like an early Christmas present.

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Weekly Wisdom #268 - 5 Minutes of Gold

There are as many techniques for time management as there are ways to waste time. The most common approach to managing time is by looking at it from a linear approach and prioritizing actions. Well, if those approaches work for you... great. If not, here's a revolutionary approach to making the most of your time by shifting what you do with your thinking and your senses.

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Weekly Wisdom #264 - Flip Your Fear Upside Down

Goal setting is great, but are you ignoring the important, often overlooked plateaus of success? By failing to reward yourself for the little things, you may secretly sabotage yourself. This video piggybacks on the previous Weekly Wisdom and encourages you to do a few simple, but important things like; patting yourself on the back sooner and celebrating little successes. Also, it’s worth exploring the times when you don’t TAKE ACTION to FIND OUT WHY. Last, but not least, Dean introduces the concept of flipping your fear. How to stop the fear that paralyzes find the fear that motivates you. There’s a lot to be thankful in this segment. Enjoy!

Tony Robbins delivers a powerful message for Dean's students!

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Texas Tax Deed Auctions: The Most Lucrative Tax Sale State - Part II

Texas Tax Deed Auctions: The Most Lucrative Tax Sale State - Part II

Favorable Texas Laws!
At this point I am sure that most of you understand tax delinquent property in Texas is sold for back taxes at a public auction. Now let�s cover some of the interesting distinctions and benefits that the Texas tax sale market can offer:

Weekly Wisdom #266 - Uncertainty

While hanging out with Tony Robbins over the weekend, I heard something that was very counter-intuitive.
We are all so focused on “being sure.” We want guarantees, sure things, no-risk. But what if being safe keeps you stuck? I’m not suggesting you get crazy, but maybe your future is worth looking at your present relationship with certainty.

My 1st deal!!!

I made my 1st DEAL!!!
Talk about addiction... I found mine!!
I know this stuff works but when you actually do it and it works omgosh!!
Searching through some ads I found a townhouse that a
gentleman had for sale that he started to rehab and
wanted to sell for $19,000.00. I called honestly hoping he
was a landlord thinking I could pick up someone to
add to my buyers list. During our phone conversation he told me that
he just lost interest and had enough rental income coming in
that he wanted to sell. So truly in my head bells and whistles went
off I heard one of the speakers from the edge event (sorry I don't
remember who) about packaged deals. I thanked him for his time and
told him I would get back with him. I did a little research and found