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This is just a quick skim to get it started, so there is room for a lot more topics and posts to be noted here. If you notice a question or topic that would be helpful to be included, or link that should be added to an existing topic, please post the question/topic and links. Smiling

Named Insured vs. Additional Insured vs. Additional Interest vs. Loss Payee vs. Mortgagee – What’s the Difference?

I am always happy to expand my knowledge on a particular topic. Like many people I have been using the term "Additional Insured" in dealing with my interest and others with regard to insurance on a property. I learned something from this article, that it is not always appropriate to use that term. I hope you will find it as enlightening as I did.
By Kelly Troy
As someone who writes prolifically about real estate and insurance, this article, as compared to others I have written, is relatively short, however, given some of the recent conversations I have had with investors and some of the recent classes I have taught, I feel it is necessary.

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #138 - Watch this, win Dean's iPad

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog
Wow! Loyal viewers can win Dean's personal iPad!

All you need to do is watch this video, answer the question he asks by just by leaving a comment below and you will be in the drawing to win.

It just doesn't get any easier then that! Good thing you've stay tuned to!

Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #184 - Logical Decisions

Are you emotionally driven? Most people are. We let our emotions drive our actions. Your emotions can be powerful motivators or they can cause destructive lack of action.

This week, we talk about taking the emotion out of the decision process. It allows you to take ownership of your life and your actions, as well as gain the confidence you need in all areas. This can do everything from changing the way you feel about yourself to dramatically changing the economy in your house.

Watch it now and as a special surprise, you'll find out how anyone who leaves a comment on this blog this week can get a FREE digital copy of my bestselling book 'Totally Fulfilled.'

Weekly Wisdom #254 - Leopards Changing Spots

Can people really change? It’s been said if you aren’t climbing, you’re sliding, what do you think? In this video, Dean reveals how he’s changing one of his most nagging behaviors AND gives you a chance to win his awesome laptop by posting something you want to change below. There’s also a new opportunity to grab some of Dean’s personal and best deals for yourself.

Then, check out these great properties available directly from Dean!
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Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #217 - Seeking Investor Area Managers

Imagine if you could get paid for bringing deals to Dean? And just for applying for that opportunity, you wound up with a spanking new mini-iPad too? Wouldn’t that be sweet? Well stop imagining. It could be you. Watch this video and leave your post below. You could win Dean’s mini-iPad and be his next area manager – too easy.

Rina's DAILY JOURNAL: Chapter One - The Beginning

I thought if we posted some daily activity in the life of an RE Investor, it might encourage others to get out there and DO!
It doesn't matter how little or much you do, just post whatever. Did you drive a neighborhood, look at a house, follow a lead, send postcards or fliers, make phonecalls? This is all the "work" that leads up to the ultimate success, signing day. Use Anita's 3-house deal as an example. She did her homework. That certainly wasn't her first phonecall of the week!

Sample copies of pre-foreclosure and short sale letters

Can anyone send me a copy of their "pre-foreclosure" letter(s) as samples? I am in the process of making multiple offers on "pre-foreclosure" properties, however, I would like to send the owner(s) letters, prior to any live contact. I need these letters ASAP!!! Thanks so FAM.... U are the greatest!!!

Oh, I forgot... can u send me sample copies of "short sale" letters to the banks as well. I have several of these I want to make offers on ... Thanks again.

DG site INSTRUCTIONS-how to use this site

PLEASE Bump this EVERYDAY to HELP new DG'ers!!!
Just 'reply' at the bottom so it comes back to top.

Go to the bottom of this post on the right and click BOOKMARK - so you can find it later in 'My Bookmarks' located on left in Main Sections.

I invite others to add info & PLEASE post a Reply to 'bump' it up often for new members!!

1.Watch Dean's Weekly Wisdom Video on Home page

2. Save to favorites Dean Graziosi website-you'll be able to quickly return

Only YOU can change YOUR situation in Life

One of the 1st things I was taught in REI was "Only YOU can change YOUR situation in life". I was told to write this down and post it places You had to SEE it EVERYDAY.(bathroom mirror,car dashboard,TV,etc)

At the end of each day, ask yourself "what did I do today to get closer to my goal?"

It's true. You WILL need to learn REI and take ACTION as Dean teaches,but, it IS all up to YOU.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Set your Goals and Make a Plan to achieve them and just keep following the plan- step by WILL get there.

Set 30/60/90day goals and then 6/12/18 month Goals.

Where do you want to be in in 1yr,3yrs or 5yrs?

NO one learns at the same pace,so you have to keep pushing forward and keep going.

Follow step by step-NO shortcuts!

30 Days Quick Cash Formula

IMPORTANT!!! Before you ask a question, please go through the thread's Table of Contents via the link below. Your question may have already been answered!

Topics of regular discussion:

*Finding the Perfect Real Estate Agent
*Building a Buyer's List
*Ghost Ads and Bandit Signs
*Assignments VS Double Closings
*Contracts and Purchase Agreements
*Earnest Money

This will be updated as progress is made Smiling

Glossary of Real Estate Terms

GLOSSARY of real estate acronyms. Someone had mentioned it was hard to follow when just acronyms were used in posts. If you want to add to or have a question, leave a post and we'll edit it in.

KEB'S later years

Well, I guess I should start at the begining. After spending six years in the military and marrying a great Korean lady (25 years and counting). I went to work for the DOJ even though I had a burning drive to do my own thing (several small start ups). After several years (13) I had the honor (haa) of meeting a well how do we say, bad inmate that gave me a wake up call. Yea I lost the fight,lost some vision in one eye and had brain surgery (shunt placed in head) and retired medically. Present times: Bought a metal recycling company right before the 2004 olympics and made really good money for several years. Took the money and bought several homes free and clear in Ohio and California (can you say cash flow and ROI).

Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #185 - Non Stop Momentum

First of all, to everybody who left a post last week, you can click below to get your FREE copy of "Totally Fulfilled."

Get Your Free Copy of Totally Fulfilled!

This week, Dean reinforces his mission for this blog. To arm you with tools to be on the offense, to go out there an conquer the obstacles you face and have the life you desire.

He reviews the lessons of the past weeks in a super fast summary and makes a big promise for what's coming. You are part of something bigger than yourself and we are so grateful to be with you through it. Enjoy!

My 1st deal!!!

I made my 1st DEAL!!!
Talk about addiction... I found mine!!
I know this stuff works but when you actually do it and it works omgosh!!
Searching through some ads I found a townhouse that a
gentleman had for sale that he started to rehab and
wanted to sell for $19,000.00. I called honestly hoping he
was a landlord thinking I could pick up someone to
add to my buyers list. During our phone conversation he told me that
he just lost interest and had enough rental income coming in
that he wanted to sell. So truly in my head bells and whistles went
off I heard one of the speakers from the edge event (sorry I don't
remember who) about packaged deals. I thanked him for his time and
told him I would get back with him. I did a little research and found

New Forum: Start Your Journal Here - Read First

Rina's journal prompted a new forum section where every member can start a journal to document your progress and get feedback on your activities and strategies from other members.

You can add to it as frequently or infrequently as you like, with as little or as much info you want to post.

By keeping a journal you will not only be able to reflect on your own progress in REI, you will be able to see things ideas or strategies that aren't panning out and should be modified, and focus on those that are.

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #38 - Dean is Coming to You!

Last week Dean asked for your ideas about his next show. This week Dean reveals what he has planned for his next show, and he might be knocking on your door! Dean also had an extra copy of the EDGE program sitting on his desk and is giving it away to someone on the site. Watch this week's video to learn more about all of these developments!

Weekly Wisdom #411 - Wisdom at 220 degrees below zero? (SOOO COLD)

This week I deliver my weekly wisdom on the power morning habits from 220 degrees below zero. Yea really. It's soooooo cold!!!!

Watch me shiver and shake and try to talk half way intelligently.. hahah

I'm not sure there is anything that can set your day up for success and less stress than what you do in the first hour your eyes open..

Go learn why it's so important and what some of my personal habits are;-)

Plus learn how we can help my dear friend Tony Robbins feed 100 Million people who deserve a hand up..

We have already fed nearly 500,000 and that's just the beginning..

This is a weekly wisdom you won't want to miss

AND/OR ASSIGNS - How to Use It and Get It Accepted!

All of us on here know the importance of using and/or assigns on our purchase contracts, if we are planning on assigning them, but do you know how to use it and get it accepted without question or rejection?

As I write this, I a m speaking strictly from personal experience, because EVERY purchase and every offer, I have made, has read "and/or assigns". By now my agent knows to not even prepare the offers without it because I won't sign them.

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