Hi, my name is Chris and I am a real estate investor from Kennesaw, Ga. I am very interested in taking advantage of the massive amounts of properties available in the South. I am looking for other investors to fund multiple investment properties and, I mean as many as possible. The profit would be incredible. I look forward to hearing from anyone out there who wants to take advantage of this great time in history.

I'm looking too Chris.

I would very much be interested in talking on some possible deals Chris. Please respond to post.

check out the ...

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SOUTHERN INVESTMENT GROUP under groups and REI clubs to the right of this page. I have a group that you may want to post this in as well

Anita ...

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Are you interested in all of the Southern states? Because I thought the intro was targeting AL, MS and the more central southern states. I'm located in SC and am interested in investing in GA, SC and FL ... would these be included in this group?

yes they would be

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I initially started out with just AL, and MS but I have since expanded. But that group mught prove to be a good resource for you to get a jump start since the members have already expressed an interest

Properties in North Alabama

Hi Anitarna,I'm Tom from Al. I live in Cullman and can work from Birmingham north to th Tn. line. I would be happy to "birddog" in this area for you as I am strapped for cash but can find so really good deals here,including around Huntsville where they have the "Space & Rocket Center" and redstone arsonal. Contact me if I can be of assistance.

Properties South Alabama

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I would love to birddog for you in Mobile Montgomery and pretty much south ala.Mobile would be your best bet!The beaches!Drop me a line let me know.

Properties in Mississippi Delta

I am a brand new DG invester in the MS Delta. I have found several homes in a small Delta town, all whould have to have some work on them and all were built before 1950. If any are positive for lead paint, HUD will help on disposal, I'm sure you know that. If you are interested plz send me a PM, I would truly love to work with a pro like yourself.