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Hello everybody. I have read profit from real estate right now! at least two times wrote in margins,underline,highlight etc.I HAVE BEEN READING EVERYTHING I CAN ON THESE FORUMS and its all awesome information and advice and not least inspiring but Im not quite sure what I am missing. I have located numerous FSBO properties but have been reluctant to pull the trigger because I cant seem to locate any legitimate investors. I have read on here about attending RE auctions and clubs which I have not explored as of yet but I have posted adds in stores,left my cards with numerous business's made a couple adds on craigslist.com and all I seem to be getting is juck mail,spam and invitations to check out there money making schemes or help with there programs. One guy even asked me to help him move.I have read most of the posts on locating potential investors on here but I think my aproach my be wrong or? My adds and cards have been carbon copies of the book and from some of the people that are top users Im just getting a little disapointed after all the great lessons and advice.

Any help or advice will be great thanks everybody


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Twitter is a GREAT resource for Investors and other resources surprisingly enough. I found it really challenging to find a Escrow agent or an Attorney to do the closing with "and assigns". Although I still haven't given up. Isn't that what it's all about. NEVER GIVE UP! S*


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My home repair & renovation comp connect with you on twitter, I have not done a account for my REI comp I I think it would be a lot to keep up with. I do think it is a great tool to connect with REI all over the states and see what is going on in other markets.


Can you please elaborate on Twitter ?
I am looking for a investor too as I have a property that I am going to try to lock it up.



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Check out some real estate investment groups in your area for buyers.



Drive around, google, and craigslist.com and look for signs or posts "We buy Houses" in your area. Newspapers and classifieds. Check out people who are renting out already and see if they want more. Network amongst your friends, family, and work tell them what you are doing. I built a huge list with both wholesale cash buyers and retail buyers. Just some ideas to get you going. Good luck. I may have more but can't think of them right now. Make sure you at least call the numbers you find. Ask them what they want and get them what they want. Keep us updated..

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