Looking for Long Island investors


I am looking for other real estate investors on Long Island NY to share ideas about investing in our area. Long Island has a different market than most areas of the country and I want to see what others have found out what works and what dosent work. I am highly motivated and want to network with others as motivated as myself. Lets get some deals done!


Kevin O


Hi Kevin;
My name is John. I have 3 units in southern Florida. I made them into llc's. And the bank has set me up with 3 separate accounts with some financing available. But not much. So I am interested in finding reo's with other people and setting up a purchase and then doing an assignment of the purchase to someone else possibly you may know or who wants to a part of the deal??
Best Regards;
P.S. I can provide an email address. I can not remember if this is ok??