Looking for Long Island investors


I am looking for other real estate investors on Long Island NY to share ideas about investing in our area. Long Island has a different market than most areas of the country and I want to see what others have found out what works and what dosent work. I am highly motivated and want to network with others as motivated as myself. Lets get some deals done!


Kevin O


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Are you looking to hold the properties or assign?


To start, assign to make

To start, assign to make some cash then move on to cash flow properties, multi family etc..


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Let's talk. I have been trying to get into LI investing, but was unable to find end buyers to bird-dog to.



I would like to talk to you further. I intend on going to the local RE investors club in early Sept. to meet some potential investors. I am following Deans game plan to the word. Have you had any success making contacts on Long Island? I feel it is a very different market than most of the nation. If Deans system can work on Long Island it can work anywhere. It would truly be a great example for Dean that his system works. Tough market here!

Feel free to contact me.

Kevin O
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Trying on Long Island

Has anybody found investors ready to buy? I have a bunch of properties and I am trying to secure buyers. I have some people that are looking to buy to own, but can't find the investor. Amy advice?

I have 4 FSBO's on LI just

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I have 4 FSBO's on LI just waiting to be sold

No middleman save yourself alot of money

2 can go today in Rockville Centre, the other 2 in the process of being cleaned to be sold.

If there is interest, please get back to me asap

Investment club

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I'm looking for real estate investment club on Long Island to meet with more RE investors

feel free to contact me #516-428-4672