Marketing Handbook Chapter 3 Released!

SuccessFest is further ramping us, and for this installment Dean has released chapter 3 of the minibook. In this chapter you will find a compilation of tips and tricks for marketing, both online and offline.

Use the link below to grab it, then come back here and let us know what you think!

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Thank you for Chapter 3, it is incredible. There is a saying that "Marketing is everything and everything is Marketing." Thus, this is a great chapter that is packed with tremendous marketing information. The Successfest mini-book is the complete package from finding buyers and sellers and now even marketing for more buyers. Thank you for taking the time to compile and share this great information with all the DG Members. You are helping the DG Members get to that next level. Continued success in all your do! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Dean this is great and soooo much!!!

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I am amazed how you manage to produce these chapters of your minibook. This one really lays it out. Simple steps and recommendations to move ahead. I will need time to assimilate all of the information in Chapter 3. Great stuff. Let's all go get em. Armed with all this information will definitely help all of us to move on up!

Thank you again Dean for this great effort.



Thank you Again Dean -

All three chapters are Fantastic!! They have helped me tremendously to get a better handled on what I need to do to get my buyers/sellers list.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help everyone achieve the DREAM of being a Real Estate Investor!

I know everyone is excited to hear how the students did each and every deal. Thank you for taking the time to interview your students, and getting the information that can help the DG members further their knowledge.

God Bless you Dean!

Take Action - "You can't cross a sea by merely 
staring into the water." 
- Rabindranath Tagore


Thanks Again , Dean and Staff !!

You guys keep the valuable info coming !! Great reads ..

The best part is then taking this stuff and applying to the real world and our own personal businesses !!

Awesome job !


Great Information

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Thanks for the great information which directs everyone toward their goals.

Owesome Info

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Thank you so much for the information Dean this news letter is another great work you have done for us and i can't wait for thrusday!!!

Thanks Dean!!

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If you can't market then you can't win. Some great tips that will help us all. Thank you so much for sharing this goldmine of info. You are the best!


Thanks !!!!!!!!!

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Thank for the information as always you're right on target. This will help me a lot, Dean you are God send.

God bless you,

Thanks dean

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Thanks a million times for all the time you took of you life to give us this amazing info package.I have all three parts and now is no time to waste and looking to make 2010 the best year so far and I couldn't make it whit out all the info you have available again thanks a million times.

Thank You 3 Times!


Once again you have gone above and beyond. We can't thank you enough for all you do. This information is right on target for the most important areas to any investor. (One of which I hope to someday be) lol. I just have to manage to get a deal accepted and I'll be on my way. Here's hoping everyone reading your site has nothing but success. Myra

Believe In God, He Believes In You!

chapter three is fabulous!

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Considering that nowadays everyone is trying to get paid, receiving this from you Dean is almost unbelieavable. But you show this generosity with every move you make. Thanks again for the great, FREE! info. You deserve every good thing.


Thanks Dean; this is sooo great. This is great stuff; This helps to make everything visible and possible. I Can't miss with this!!
I'm " Thrrrilled "


Hi Dean,

I can't thank you enough for all that you are doing for us......I can't wait to tell you about the wonderful part of my Real Estate Story to you......

It's happening real soon......

Thanks again for being one of the BEST MENTORS IN A LIFE TIME.....

GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!


Tajuana Scott

Thank YOU!

I loved the material. Thanks again Dean!

chapter three

happy tuesday!

These are some more great tips.It is extremely helpful that these tips mostly repeat what we have already learned. It helps to input into our learning minds that we are "getting it" and it makes me more secure knowing that I do know what to do now to find buyers and sellers and I feel that I know enough in my new career to succeed and prosper. So grateful to be part of the fix for our economy. The whole nation is relying on all of us to succeed in getting the foreclosures and other vacant properties back into the hands of the end consumer to influence the nation's bottom line back into the black like it was at the end of the Clinton Reign.
Thank You Dean for setting up such a great source of knowledge for all of us! Dragonmama

Your the man Dean! After a

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Your the man Dean! After a quick glance I just said whoah!!

1 more for my arsenal...

Chapter 3

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Another outstanding guide on marketing, it just keeps getting more thorough and easy to follow. The real estate market and this fine tool should result in many new Real Estate Millionaires.



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Once again...thanks for the kick in the ____!! Marketing has to be the hardest part of all, at least, it is for me. I will be re-reading this chapter over several times, and then I'll make my husband do it several times, too. Wow...great, great stuff. Thank you.


Dean, you are amazing!!!

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How can we thank you enough for all the efforts you put into teaching us to succeed? This Successfest mini book is just what I needed to get my buyers and sellers lists. You tell us exactly where to go, what to do and what to say! I really appreciate the tips for questions and dialogs for potential buyers and sellers. None of us want to sound like the amateur that we are. Thank you for going the extra mile!


Can't go wrong

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Dean you give us all the tools we need to succeed. Your over the top with FREE information. Much success to all your DG followers.


1 2 Now 3 wow

wow what a good info.
Dean Thank you very much for all u are doing for all of us, I'm telling my wife all that I hear & read so she will want to do this with me.
Love the 2 books, % I want this in my life....
Hoping to get started very soon
Thank You

3rd Chapter, GREAT!!!!

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Thanks AGAIN Dean,

Once again some really helpful and FREE information. We are putting a couple of the marketing ideas into an action plan TODAY!

Awesome work,
Michael and Deborah Mangham
MD Home Acquisitions L.L.C.

Great info; thank you!

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When someone is going to speak live in front of a group there is tried & true advice about the best way to present the material. That is:

(1) Tell them what you're going to tell them
(2) Tell them
(3) Tell them what you told them

I think your Successfest gifts to us have done just that in written form and it's wonderful! It reinforces what you've told us and also hones in more on the topics to give many of us the feeling that we understand it even better than before thereby lifting the confidence (and action) level.

Thank you so much!


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Thank you so much and i see you like a mentor and every stuff you offer for all of us is a step towards our success.

Marketing Mania

Hi All,

It's true that marketing is directly related to all we do as real estate investors. We have all heard the terms “Market Share, Market Place, The Market” these terms are commonplace in conversations and correspondence related to real estate investing and transactions. Why? Because they are important factors to getting your message to the right people, getting your services known and getting your product sold! We must use marketing techniques to build our professional presence in our areas (Market Place) or find the most (Market Share) buyers, sellers and properties. Setting our marketing goals will help bring us closer to achieving our bigger picture goals of making profits in real estate investing (The Market). Great job Dean in putting the 3 chapters together to pin point specific strategies and help all DG.comers to…………. Keep on Keepin’ on


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In this day in age when most people could care less about there fellow man, it's obvious that you do care. Dean thank you very much for putting this wealth of information together so that we can also reach our goals. Edwin

choose one of two

Hey Dean,

Sorry I forgot to do this the first time. I think I would like to see what Indiana Jones has to say, but both of them would be really nice. I appreiate all the help that is available to all of us and wish I had 12 hours a day to work on it. We have not made a deal yet, but get closer everyday. Thanks again for being there!

Octoberfest!! and the 3rd booklet of info.

I read each and everyone over and over and make notations. all works. Thanks for all you do to help me be successful. I would vote for seeing Joe.
Thanks for asking!
Susan Thomas

Pick 1 of 2

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Thanks Dean for all you do for us. What would really help me the most would be to see the video of Indiana Joe. This is what I need, learning what people like me have done and are doing to get started and build their real estate investing business.

Rick Brockmeier