meeting in phoenix

Anyone interested in meeting to discuss and learn about REI in the Phoenix area, please contact me. I have had some members ask that we set up a meeting, and that we do it soon. So if you have interest, let me know.


Looking for Investors

Hello all,
My wife and I just created our own business and are looking for investors. We don't have the capital to purchase yet so we are willing to do the leg work to assign contracts or earn finders fees. We are looking forward to meeting with anyone who is interested.

Meeting in Phoenix

Is it too late? We would be interested in meeting with you and everyone else. I should have read the rules more closely and left out my phone # from the previous e-mail. Sorry.
I guess the way to find out where the meeting would be is through the private message.

meeting in phoenix

I would be interested in meeting in Phoenix.

Finders Fee

Hello group

I am looking for buyers interested in purchasing property close to ASU. I will pay finder's fee for this.

Finders Fee

What is your property criteria you are looking for?


i would like to attend

i would like to attend meetings just let me know when and where.


i hope i am not late to get together in the meeting. email me back please i am interested

Phoenix area meeting for users

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We have talked about having a meeting for interested investors in the Phoenix area for some time now. Let's do it. I am willing to hold a meeting at my home, in North Phoenix, in mid to late January. Please PM me if you are interested, and we will work out the details.

Al Christmann

Meeting next week

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A meeting is planned for nest week, Jan 22, 7:00 pm at my home in north Phoenix. Contact me for details or directions. Hope to see you there.

Al Christmann

Rain delay!

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Because of the excessive rainfall this week, my road, driveway and yard are under water. We will postpone the meeting until a later date and possibly a different location. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Count me in

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I'm interested in attending this meeting.

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