Meeting Sat March 27th 5pm

We have a private room reserved for Sat March 27th at Frank's Restaurant. All are welcome. There is no cost or fee for the meeting.
Frank's is a southern country home cooking place. A normal meal for one, including a drink will cost about $10(hamburger is abour $6). Thier potatoe salad and pie is famous. That's about the extent of the info. I could find without eating there. I plan to do just that, eat there, as soon as I can. Just reading about the place made me hungry. If you want more info. then do a search for Frank's restaurant Schulenburg.

Frank's Restaurant
11 N Kessler Ave
Schulenburg, TX
It's on the SW corner of 77 and 10.

I invited a RE agent and a RE attourney, so far. Who have you invited?



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I'll defintitely be there. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to get another DGer that just moved to San Antonio from New Jersey. Hopefully the other South Texas DG family members will attend as well.

Thanks for putting this together!

Out come...?

Hello my name is Leland I just joined this group I live in the San Antonio area, last month was pretty rough on me. I lost my mother on April 6th and I had an Aneurism on the 25th of April. When I found out bird-dogging is illegal, I wanted to give up but I still believe in Dean and I'm sure there has to be a way to get around that obsticle. I'm sure with that meeting that I missed out on, so there must be a loop hole somewhere in order for us way to make money