This months Northeast REIA will be with guest speaker

Here is what he promises to teach:
Find and profit from houses without "for sale" signs
No ads in the paper
In fact, no advertising ever; which means no competition

He also promises to show you:

1. How to locate, analyze, and immediately Profit from these hidden treasures before the public.
2. How to make multiple offers without earnest money
or proof of funds.
3. How to have every house sold before you buy it.
4. Find “high profit” deals that no one else knows about.5. The answer to, “where do you get the money”
6. Discover the hidden market secrets.

The Rhode Island meeting will be held on May 12 2010 at the
Comfort Inn at 1940 Post Rd in Warwick RI.,0,1...

What time is this?

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What time is this?