Navy in Northern VA

I am a Navy recruiter in the Alexandria, VA area. With less than two years left until my End of Active Obligted Service, my success as a REI will determine whether I re-enlist or not. How is that for an incentive for success?! Are there any other Vets in my area? It would be great to connect!

Just starting out in Woodbridge

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My name is Chris. My husband is a fmr Marine, We are just starting out. But we would love to network with other military in the area. In fact after reading in the homestudy book about, I found a TON of VA foreclosed properties in Chesapeake VA which is where my parents live. Not so many up here in Prince William and only about 3 in Fairfax. But alas, I am still at the point of just learning, and trying to set up my LLC and find a CPA and agent and build my buyers list. I am waiting on my first advanced training class, and just trying to learn all I can right now.


I am starting over in Re as i tanked in the RE maket in Fl. I am working in Alex Va and looking for someone to get involved in the business again. Because NoVA is expensive I was planning to work in Woodbridge area. i retired from my job with the local govt went to Fl did not work so now working with a non-profit. PM me if we can team up or attend a REIA meeting together.