New Beginnings...

Greetings all,

I am your typical newbie from South Central PA (York) and am excited to network resources with others in the area.



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Alaskan Success,Inc
is an AGRESSIVE investor looking to network with other investors in all states, please email me for more details
thank you
Alaskan Success,Inc

Looking to get connected

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I am new to this program as well as this team. Im in the Pocono's and am looking to get connected to like minded people who want to grow in business.Please let me know if this is possible.

Pocono's PA

Alaskan Success,Inc

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has bank owned prop's for this area...
need to liquidate them... make room for 2010...
Alaskan Success is growing....
let me know if you need help to get pre-qual / pre-approved...
Mr Skulka

Looking for people to partner with/cash investors

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Hey I would be open to start a partnership with you guys & I'm also looking to get my list up of cash investors got like 3 I'm working w/now that I don't trust to much b/c they seem out to rip me off since I'm new to this but I got 2 good tenant buyers I'm Looking for a lease option deal 4 in overbook pa & Bristol pa. Having better luck finding FSBO props in overbook then bristol though.