New Forum Topic For Rental Property

Up until now most of the topics relating to rental property have been posted in the general investing forums. Indiana-Joe made a good suggestion to start a separate forum specifically for Rental Property, which we have added.

Please use the Rental Property forum for discussing anything related rentals, including: marketing for finding renters, property management, screening renters and more.

This forum is located in Real Estate Investing section, titled "Rental Property". It can be found through this link:

Thanks for the New Forum Topic :)

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Thank you for taking the time to post the new forum topic! I believe this topic will assist the many DG website users with ideas and great information for rental property.

Over this past weekend, my wife and I got the great idea of charging an additional $25 rent each month if a tenant has a pet. We have only heard positive comments from prospective tenants that are just so happy they found a rental unit that allows pets. This $25 extra per month will lead to $400 per year per unit that we rent with a tenant that has a pet! I am so happy we discovered this other stream of income to boost the monthly positive cash flow!

Dean contiunues to inspire us to "Think a Little Different" and this is another example of how Dean's techniques have put more cash in our pocket Smiling Believe and Achieve! Smiling Indiana-Joe

DG ADMIN - need your help on sub-category

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DG Admin,

I went to the Real Estate investing section and I can not find the category of "Rental Property - Management, Strategies, Renting, and more" as a drop down sub-category when I want to post a new Forum Topic under this new section. Please look into this for us. Thank you for your time and assistance. Have a great day. - Joe


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It may have been the site needed to rebuild the the directory when you went to post. Please check again. If you still don't see it let me know!

Hello DG Admin,

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I may be looking in the wrong section. However, when you look at the "Real Estate Investing" section, the categories are listed as follows:

- Buying Foreclosures, REOs and More
- Title Searching and Other Research
- Financing and Credit
- Contracts
- Marketing to buyers and sellers
- Everything Else
- Investing Journals
- My Deals
- Local Network and Discussion

Thus, I thought the section of "Rental Property..." should be a sub-category here, however I am not finding it as an option. Please advise if it is in another place.

Also, if you go to post a new forum topic, it is not a choice in the drop down menu for the "Forum section:" that states "Please choose". Thank you for your time and assistance. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

new comer

I just received the books and I was wandeing ahich book to read first and if there is anyone in the eastern Pennsylvania area that has done any deals using the methods found in the book?

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