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Hello All,
I currently live in French Valley(Temecula)CA. I am on page 177 of "Profit from Real Estate Right Now". My plan is to locate some areas in South San Diego and Central San Diego like Kerney Mesa and Miramar. However, I am not stuck on those areas. I can offer my time and I am a quick learner. I am looking forward to learning and being around like minded people.


God Bless our Troops!

Finally we have touch down!

I call the bottom! And I'm not pulling a Cramer here. But there's a real bottom forming in the SoCal market. My area of focus is Hemet, CA where properties are offer huge cash flow. Anyone here share my opinion?

Looking for buyers

I recently moved from San Diego to Wyoming and am looking for buyers in both areas.

Hey SD REIs!

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Yes, Bless our Troops. I'm new to this site, live in Coronado and would love to start working with other REIs here in SD. I don't care about the specific area as much as I do about the specifics of the deal... PM me with your email/ # and let's start talking about how we're going to attack this monster!
Hope to speak soon!

I'm also new to REI

I am new to investing and also eager to learn. Good luck to all! I live in La Mesa but am not set on investing in any particular place in San Diego. I'm open to any opportunity. I would love to communicate frequently and share information and knowledge.


Formerly from SD

Hi Everyone,

My name is Mikey. I had to leave San Diego due to a foreclosure...a bad deal.

I lost everything and had to relocate to Boston.

However, I just got Dean's book and hope to come back to San Diego in the next year, using his investment techniques

BirdDogs/Flips San Diego

I've been through all of Dean's materials and currently working with coaching. Finding active backers seems to be the current problem. Have seen numerous deals but just starting out funds are short. I need qucik turnovers until I get going.

San Diego- Birddog -Finders Fee Agreement

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Tag Team Properties,LLC offers $1k 0r 3% of our profits, which ever is higher, if you bring us a lead & we close on the deal. We also hire door knockers if anyone is interested. We pay for a lead source & target pre-foreclosures with equity. We can give you anywhere from 5-10 stops a week & also have those stops close to your neighborhood. We hand out packets to these Home Owners giving them all there options. If we close on a deal, not only will you get paid your finders fee, we will also let you know how we structured the deal, which will further educate you more, to get your business up & running.
& I'll send you over a FFA."Finders Fee Agreement"