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Hi Group, I am just reading my book and I need to know something. I am in two great areas,1:nj were the houses are over a 1mill, beside me there is house that is empty please what would be my first step. 2; my friend who is 82 is looking to relocate and is selling what would be my first move to here. She told me that she has the house listed with an agent, but need to clean up first, her husband is in a nursing home and I know it is hard on her seeing that she has to visit him and she has no kids.

Please help.

Thank you,


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I'm in queens and it would great if we can organize a group and put our resources together there is alot of opportunity in the new york ,new jersey areas.lets put our heads together and see what we have


Im open to teaming up with someone let me know thanks. Email me mtgadvisor@**** im from Jersey


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I'm in Brooklyn. I'm near of closing a deal in Philadelphia and I'm looking to invest in multi-families in Brooklyn, there's a lot of property deals here. It will be great to get to know you guys and work together.

Please send me a message

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