Our Next Meeting: THIS Friday, October 2, 11:00am, Courthouse

At last weeks' meeting, we decided we would meet weekly and our goals thus far:

-To Stay Accountable to one another
-To Set Goals for ourselves

Mark your calendars for Our Next Meeting

THIS Friday, October 2

Davidson County Courthouse
(website for our needs: http://www.nashville.gov/circuit/probate/)

Metro Courthouse
1 Public Square
Nashville, TN 37201

PLEASE RSVP if you are getting this post for the first time on the REI board, so we will know to look for you!

***Bring 5 FSBO property addresses that we will look up at the Courthouse.
***Bring your 2 month real estate goals

SUGGESTIONS TO HELP YOU (if you are interested):

On your own, go ahead and get as much information on these 5 properties before you come.

Look each up on TotalView to get as much info ahead of time as you can.

I have an Excel Spreadsheet I can give you (if you will send me a PM) with an example of a few properties and the information I'm documenting from TotalView ahead of time.

There is also an offer formula from one of the coaches on this site that I have worked into the spreadsheet. Here's the blog to that formula on Dean's site: http://www.deangraziosi.com/node/3975

Don't worry about anyone else's goal. If your goal in two months is to lock up one property - awesome. Main thing, is write out your action steps to get there! Write broad goals and then drill down -----set dates within those goals as to what you will need to do for the month, then weekly to get there, and daily to make your "weeks" happen. A few journals on Dean's site may help you.

If you want to start a journal, this is a great way to track where you are and where you are going and stay accountable. Let me know if you start one, and I'll check it out and support you!

My Journal on Dean's site:

Take care, and if you are seeing this for the first time, please feel free to join us...just be sure to RSVP! We are all here to help each other grow, wherever we are in our real estate journey.

Look forward to meeting you!

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