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It was fantastic meeting both Chris and Dave at this past week's REI meeting. I have already met Jean in person and we have shared some great ideas with each other. It makes it seem so much more real when you connect ideas and support with an actual person.

I think it would be excellent to have a RI meeting monthly, or even bi-weekly, so we can bounce ideas off each other and help in any way possible. Maybe even pool resources to get some deals together.


Hi Kristen

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Just realized you made this post. I think it would be great to meet outside of the regular meetings, keep each other on track and work on some deals together. Guys like Matt Larson are now partnering on deals, for a smaller piece of the pie, but are able to do more deals or bigger deals. We are all just starting off. I would be willing to partner up with any of the other RI DGers! We all need sellers, buyers and $$ to put a deal together, I am sure we could come up with an agreement on splitting profits.

Or if someone is interested in Bird Dogging let me know.

I also have the game Cash Flow, if you don't know about it, you need to play it. Basicly you learn how to get out of the "rat race" that we are all in, mainly by investing in real estate, except in this case it is not with real money, so there are no risks! Let me know what you think.

Cash Flow

I have actually played the game once at a Robert Kiyosaki event and thought it was a blast! Never got out of the Rat Race but sure would like to try again.

Anyone interested in going to an auction this weekend?

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There is a big auction in Boston this weekend ( with 200+ homes. There were only a handful from RI, but I think it would be a great experience even if your not buying. One thing about auctions, they are full of cash buyers!! May be a great place to build that buyers list!

Let me know if anyone is interested!


Would love to go to the auction. What time is it happening? Let me know and I hope I can get it in before my son's karate test in the late afternoon.


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The auction starts at 9:30, registration starts at 8:00.

Next auction you go to I

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Next auction you go to I would be interested in attending. I plan on attending my first RI investors meeting next month. I live in Mass but only 10 miles over the RI border.

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