Real Deal Meetup Meeting Today

All I can say is that if you didn't make it to this meeting you missed a tremendous about of useful information that will help you succeed with your REI business!!!

The information you gain from the Real Deal Group and the DG family put together is "smokin"! Like DG, The Real Deal organizers are trying to "give back". I for one will be taking advantage of the opportunity.

Verna (newage8767)


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Hi Verna, I missed a lot of useful information Charles Blair and company has to offer. I feel sooooo bad. I'm supposed to have an appointment with my REA at that time which we moved today.. lol. What I did is to do some HVAC work in my house because it was freezing cold and my heater was not working.

Anyways, I submitted another offer today for one foreclosed property in Baltimore City. It was a 3 beds 2 baths rental property located in a not so good neigborhood. It is listed for $54K but I offered $25K with an option to Buy, Cash..LOL. The problem is, I don't have any money, no Credit and everything but it's worth a try if you just follow whats written on Dean's book. ARV is $180k - 220k. Works needed is 30k-40k. I'm hopping to get a counter offer in 48 hours but I don't think I can go more than 25K. If they accept it, I will be very busy selling it at a wholesale price. Wish me luck. Thank you.


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Yes, sorry you missed the meeting!

But you are working at the REI biz so keep up the good work. I hope you have a few buyers at least that that you can move the property over to ! Assign, Assign, Assign! LOL

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