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What do you think? It seems that the greatest success, especially in these beginning stages, comes through high volume advertising, which then would lead to higher volume of responses/potential offers and so on. ( I think I've been watering my flowers with a dropper when I really need to use the garden hose. Didn't Dean tell me that already? Smiling

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I think you are exctly right my man. Marketing, Marketing, Marketing is everything! I like the analogy you used to. That was right on the money. Sometimes we get confused and complacement and feel like things are not working out, but sometimes if we just keep up what we are doing just add a little more things would naturally pick up. It all starts from Advertising and basically Marketing like you say. A wise man once said that "We are not in the business of Real Estate, we are in the business of Marketing!" I think this is so true because once you can bring the people to your product consistently, someone is ultimately going to like you product and you ultimately will be successful! Keep up the Good Work and I will see you at the TOP!

Best Regards,
Shane Gore

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