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Hello Baltimore REIs

Since there are so many new investors on this site I think it would be nice if some of the investors who have passed that "first deal" can share your first deal experience with those that have yet to complete # 1.

Baltimore and surrounding areas -- We need to get this party started! I know you are out there so let's show some unity!

Verna (newage8767)

Hi Verna, Glad to be here!

Hi Verna,
Glad to be here! I'll be in Baltimore next week. Perhaps we can meet for lunch one day? Just so there's no confusion...we'll go dutch! Eye-wink


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Sounds good to me! Look forward to meeting you. Send me a PM when you get in so we can set up a lunch date and time. No confusion - dutch it is! LOL

Verna, the copy and past from the other group.

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I got your invitation to join this group via email so have joined officially. I met up with a guy from a Craigslist posting who lives here too and who is a fellow DGer. He'll be interested in joining, I'm sure.

I started everything several months by joining the Real Deal Meetup. You can find this meetup group at which happens in Catonsville on the 4th Saturday of the month. The next meeting is on November 28th at 9:30am. Would be fun to get those of us who are meeting here at DG in this group to mob the meeting! At some point I'm going to join the Baltimore REIA which Richard mentions in a previous post. This is a much larger meeting with a very nominal annual fee which meets up in Towson. Charles Blair and William Fell, both very successful Baltimore investors, run the groups. Sometimes you get more information than you can handle but this is a great place to start AND do a lot of networking, which is the name of this game I'm beginning to find out. I've gotten most of my wholsaler contacts at this meetup, as well as, contractors, hard money lenders, etc. It's been a great group so far. There are over 400 members all of whom you can consider on your buyers list! Let's make this happen guys, I need that first deal to get me going strong.


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I decided to be in REI business since April 2009. I have Zero knowlege and when I learned that you can start the business without any money out of your pocket, I decided to give it a try. The sad part is, I have not done any deals yet.

I never stop doing this business despite the fact that I have very little contribution points on the site forum, I continue learning each and every day by way of reading all the useful information being contributed by Seasoned and Newbie members.

Without me posting anything in the forum (i just did my first Journal yesterday), I already been contacting a lot of investors here in Baltimore asking them if I can be there Bird Dog. I ask that "if I can help them sell there property, will they give me commission?" They will then ask who am I and I will directly tell them "i'm a new REI, and I want to make some money while learning the tricks of the trade from seasoned investor like you, sir". Some will say $500 for each property, some $5K or negotiable depending on the offer, and others would say 50/50.

Right now, i'm already working with 3 REA and 1 Loan Officer. Just yesterday, we submitted my first offer on a Foreclosure property. I so scared when the listing agent ask me, how am gonna pay for the property, and I say, "i'm offering an option to buy CASH"... the truth is, i'm broke. lol, but that's what the book tells us to do, and Dean and his students became very very successful for doing that, and i'm just trying to duplicate what they do, if it works for me, good for me and for us all.

That's all I have to share for now. Thanks Verna for inviting me here. LOVEME


I'm a new investor as well. I've been studying DG's books and the wesite. I also don't have funds but I am looking at possibly owner financed or lease option properties here in the Maryland, DC opr Penn State area. I know the feeling when you're new, I feel the same way, but I'm being more active and making more phone calls and sending emails in reference to properties that interest me.


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Hi Rita,

My experience shows that this business takes a lot of work and determination. Good luck in meeting your goals. Look forward to meeting you at some of the REI club meetings. I belong to the Baltimore REIA.

Verna (newage8767)

Thanks for Sharing

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Thanks for sharing with the members. I beleive most of us are still trying to get that first deal under our hat. Sometimes it is good just to share what you are doing to meet your goals and what problems you are running up against because there are others out here that may (are) be going through the same thing and letting us know how you are handling things may just help another newbie out! We have to support each other in this learning process. Sharing how you do things may not be how someone else is doing it and it could be helpful. So keep on sharing and working towards that goal. Never give up!

Verna (newage8767)

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