STOP The Fear Of POVERTY - Check This Out . . .

Reprinted from Northeast REIA.....

Every person reading this email must face that it is
possible you could find yourself out on the street,
living hand-to-mouth, right?

For some readers, fear of poverty can be a motivating
force that pushes you to success so it will never happen
to you.

For others, the fear of poverty has just the opposite effect.

For those the fear of poverty keeps them from pushing
themselves to succeed because the fear of losing what
have is more real than the possibility of success.

Yes . . . the fear of poverty can KILL your adventurous
spirit and turn you into a timid, overly cautious "do-nothing"
real estate investor!

If you allow yourself to fear poverty, you will dwell on the
fear and never see the other side.

It must be put in perspective . . .


What that means is that you accept poverty as one
possibility, or you could recognize that riches are possible
too, isn't that correct?

If you change from fearing poverty to desiring wealth, you
will have put your foot onto the path of success.

Knowledge of what could happen and fear of what could
happen are two different things.

When you have knowledge you ACT!

When you have fear you REACT!

So I strongly recommend you get some knowledge so you
can ACT accordingly to today's environment.

On April 14 2010 I will be at 1850 Post Road in Warwick RI
with Terry Hale - a national expert on commercial real estate.

At 6:30PM SHARP . . . He will be showing ordinary folks like
you and I knowledge on how to generate substantial cash flow;
keeping you totally clear of any and all poverty.

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So after this email, I will see those who are really serious
about conquering their fear . . . and ACTING to succeed!

See you on April 14 2010 . . . 6:30PM SHARP!Bill Hawthorn

P.S. I have up-loaded some pre-view videos of Terry Hale
so you can see what a great guy he is - and how he can
help you reach your fortunes!