View A LIVE Action Video In New York - 4:58 Minutes . . .

A new video has just been posted on the Northeast REIA
web site.

It is a LIVE auction . . . you'll love it.

Go check it out, it's only 4:58 minutes, and fun.

Don't forget, Rhode Island has a live meeting this
Wednesday night.

Check that out when you are on the site too.

Improve Your Performance In Real Estate - Eliminate FEAR . . .

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Not at your PEAK PERFORMANCE with regards
to real estate investing?

Is FEAR keeping you out of the "winners edge"?

You are who you are because of what you keep in
your mind and what you tell yourself about yourself.

And you and I both know, we are all talking to
ourselves all the time, right?

Our minds are filled with mental chatter as we
constantly flip through our thoughts and ideas.

Some are important . . .

Some are nonsense!

And, a great many of these thoughts are
remembrances of past failures, embarrassments,
criticisms, humiliations, doubts, and fears!

Or . . . "What If" fears!

This negative self-talk has a powerful effect on your
self-confidence and faith in your abilities to buy
and sell real estate successfully!

In fact, this type of stuff under-cuts all of the
training and materials you can get your hands
on - after all, if your inner game is not in-tune


So I strongly recommend you join me this Wednesday
night (March 10 2010), 6:30PM sharp - at 1850 Post
Rd in Warwick RI at the Sheraton Hotel . . .

And get "tuned-up" for the year to come!

The meeting is totally F*R*E*E so there isn't a
reason why you should not be there networking
and charging your "inner" batteries.

See you Wednesday night.