The Votes Are In And The Video Is Up!

Before I go on, I have to say thanks for the great feedback and comments.

So far, every time I create and give out some special report or informational guide like the mini-book, response is that you LOVE IT.

That makes me happy because it is my goal to give you great usable material.

Okay, onward. On Monday, in my blog, I asked you to give me feedback on which of two new videos you wanted to see the most.

You Didn't Make It Easy on Me To Choose

But today I am releasing the VIDEO selected because of your comments.

It's killer too. (Seriously).

I'm also giving you a heads-up that I'm going to be doing a VERY special conference call regarding what you see in the video.

That call will happen on October 28th and you will be hearing more about that later.

But don't wait till later to plan for it!

You can register now for the call and whether you make it or not, right after you register you'll get to see the page where the new video is waiting for you.

All of what I'm doing this month is designed to help you "come and take" the life and success you want.

So, go register for the call, watch the awesome video and I'll talk to you again next week, and who KNOWS what surprises I'll have for you then!

Register and Watch:

OK, Dean, you've finally got me off the couch, again, sort of

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First off, I've got to confess that I haven't read your book yet, even though I bought it last summer. so far, I've only looked at the table of contents and watched the DVD that came with it. However, even that much got me off the couch in time to find a really nice, brand new 2 story craftsman style REO house in Marysville, WA, which I closed on in early August. The first payment wasn't due until Sept 1st, and by then I had a great renter in there, who wishes to stay for 3 years. The cash flow is practically break even, even after what I pay for professional property management comes off the top. Even in this still depressed RE market, I figure I probably have $45K - $65K of "instant equity" in the place, along with a pretty decent 5.375% conventional fixed rate mortgage. Of course if I'd read your book first and used a little more creativity in the financing, I probably could have bought 5 or 10 more of these instead of putting my whole grub stake into the 20% down payment on this one. Anyway, it's a start, and if I buy any more houses, they'll now have to be with nothing down! (I actually already owned 1 paid off rental house, which was a 2100 sq ft quad level that was new in 2006, though it resulted from a 1031 tax free exchange of a condo I'd owned for years)

Go Dean

Thank you for sharing those videos with us. Smiling Great tips on how to negotiate with a Lender's REO Asset Manager via email and how to go about disputing discrepancies on your credit report from the 3 Credit Bureaus. Now when are you going to send out another Dean Graziosi's Secret Report: Student Success Stores (cough, cough) with a detail interview about one of Joe and Stacey's deals (cough, cough). Smiling

You are the Man, Dean!


You really do surprise us as each new day comes along. Smiling It brings tears to our eyes when we think of what a great business man you are and an even greater human being. The way you care for your students is like no other has ever done before. Thank you, thank you, thank you....

God Bless,
Alice n John

Special gifts.........

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Thank you Dean for keeping us one step ahead! The video clips were great. Amazng deal!..........Lubertha

Can't Wait

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This is going to bve great. Can't wait for this...Destrie

Super Clips

Thanks Dean -

The mini clips are just the tip of the iceberg - Great information to come!

I can't wait until the conference call. Way to go Joe!

*"Fortune sides with him who dares."
- Virgil 

Great Videos

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Great information in the videos and the calendar is marked for the call on the 28th.

Everyday I get closer

This October Fest drive me closer to the DG family. Thanks for everything, cannot wait for the suprise on thursday.

your the best

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Thanks dean for putting all of this together, man is like finding 100 dollar bill in a old jacket that you just thought you lost.All of this info is just great starting the end of the year whit all of this tools is just going to make 2010 so much better.Maybe for the first time I will get to expirience a real vacation somewhere thanks a million dean and everyone that is involved in all of the projects.

Videos & Call


Gosh, I can't wait till next week! October has always been my favorite month of the year, and now because of you it's even more special.

The video clips were great, way to go guys. As usual Dean you have gone above and beyond with really valuable information and ideas. Anybody that follows your advice can't help but be a winner in some area of life. Even if it isn't real estate, the example you set as a human being is awe inspiring. God Bless you, your team and your family. Myra

Believe In God, He Believes In You!


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Just have to said the videos are great, can wait for the call on the 28.

Thank you

Votes In...Super Videos (Short but Sweet)

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Once again, just what the Dr or DG ordered. You really did it this time. You finally got my husbands curiosity up! He's actually just left to recheck on a couple of REO properties he saw a couple of days ago and didn't know what to do about!! Fab...

The part in the Video regarding emailing the Bank Asset Manager is true. Having worked at two banks, most people don't understand the volume of work each manager has to complete. I had 1000 files and associated emails to deal with on a daily basis (no wonder I started to lose hair, and I'm a girl). Having to deal with someone on a call that would take at least 20 minutes, as opposed to an email, that takes a minute or two, is the difference between getting a reply or not!!

Once again...Thank you.


The Video Is Up

Hi Dean,
Thank you once again!!!! I really liked the credit report information. Excellent idea. Excellent information. You know as well as I, that lots of us are kinda beat up in this area. I had an ah-ha moment listening to Joe and Stacey's tips. I am really excited to get going and hit the ground running. Can't wait to see what's up for next Wednesday's call. Hear ya then....
Dean, you are the best!!! Thanks.

Once again, great info!

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I am going through a real hard patch in my life right now and due to that alone, I havent been on this site as much anymore. I am trying to get back into the routine and all this info you're throwing at us is really helpful.

Thank you for that Dean. I am trying so hard to make this work and I feel like youre right there to push us all back to where we need to be.

Indiana Joe and Stacy, Wow! That is an amazing deal! I'll have to remember that one once I start making some deals. Smiling Great job!

Thanks Dean

I am so excited what you are doing, and teaching us all.You are so professional What I am so amazed at you care and want to help us succeed.Like you give us a kick about takeing action, now,Setting our goals. Both of your books are excellent.You are going to really be blessed in this world, for what you are shareing.I love the Blogs,E-Mails Conference calls.All of your staff are so very caring and helpful also. Thanks again. My husband and I live in Texas. I have gotten over my fear. I feel good about the no money down programs.I am going to take ACTION. Carol

Great Mini Video


You reminds me of another great businessman, Sam Walton of the Wal-Mart Stores. Sam always believed in listening to the people that do the work. He always said those people had the greatest ideals. You are like him, pushing to get to know as many of us and expand and share their ideals with others. I'm glad to say that I am one of the 1500 for the live video. I was so glad to see that it was Wednesday instead of Thursday night. I am in school on Thurs night and always missed the videos and have to review them the next day. This time I get to participate!!!! I have been working on cleaning up my credit report and I am excited to be able to get new info from Jeremy. He said one thing in the video about cleaning up all the bad names, and addresses that shows up on your report. I tried that with Expedian and their reply was they report what the inqurier submit to them. They did not remove the bad information off my report. What should my next step be regarding this matter? Please address this subject on the Wed video.

Thank you for all that you do for us.


Oh, it is going to get WAY better REALLY fast!

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Wait until you see what is coming up. You will all be blown away. How do I know? I just know. Smiling

What Dean is putting out for everyone in about a week is something that almost everyone has been asking for since day one, and everyone, and I mean everyone needs to be a part of.

It doesn't matter if you are someone who hasn't even read more than a couple pages of his books, or someone on deal #20, you will be freaking out (at least you should be) really soon.

I can't wait because I am freaking out about it and want to be able to talk about the details!

Thank you

Boriqua's picture

Dean; once again thank you for all the effort that you and your team put in for our success, the videos were great can't wait for the conference call on the 28th. God Bless Edwin

Thank you

Dean for the two videos. I anxiously await the conference call on the 28th. One whole week away is just toooooo far.

Here's wishing you and your family a happy healthy week!

We're soooooo close to our first deal, we can taste it and it is sweet!

Talk soon,


Thanks Dean and all the crew for all that info. I 've done lots of courses in RE but this tops it all. I just finished your book and I'm very excited about getting started its seems and feels like we all Family and you are our Dad. Thanks for your caring heart and your very valuable info. Will be on the call Wednesday!

Excited Michelle!

Free credit report

Great info on spreading out the free report.One agency at a time,On a coarse of a year.
Hopefully you get this part of what i have learned thru dean and CO./The true trick to repairing your credit...Is to get credit!!!

Thank you Dean soo much....

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Your effort is deeply apreciated Dean, we all love the information you give us, plus this site is an owesome tool for daily learning and use! every time i have a chance i am in here just reading as much information as i can! ThanK you very much for everythin!!!!

We Do Appreciate

Thanks Dean for always going the extra mile to ensure us all that success in real estate is attainable and achievable. By providing both videos, you addressed the needs of more rather than less. Hence your aim to make everyone happy is evident. Speaking for myself, I know that I needed both. The reason is, I joined a debt elimination class two weeks ago. I have to do this for me. God Bless.


Thanks Dean - I'll be on the call next Wed.!

I'm reading everything that you've sent to us in October 2009 and before. I'm a success academy student too and I'm getting through the training there too. The mini books are awesome too. I just love that I'm growing as a real estate investor. Have not done a deal yet but I'm getting closer every day because I turned off my tv.

Sharon from New Jersey

Hi, Dean, I've Saved Your Mini Books to my Hard Drive

As I mentioned earlier, I've turned off my TV (I used to be a political news junkie watching political shows like MSNBC and CNBC). Now I think these shows won't put money in my pocket, so I've been pulling overnighters and catching up on reading your mini books and doing the training from PMI and doing the homework assignments. I have confidence now that I too can make money like all the other successful students. I ordered the Web 2.0 Wealth Revolution marketing program from Colin Egbert for my real estate company so I can reach tons of buyers and sellers on the Internet!! I should receive it tomorrow via UPS. I'm on my way to becoming a real estate investor! Thanks for all that you do to help us.

Oh, and I got my credit report and fico score and it's way better than I thought it would be. I got fico ratings that are very good.

Thanks again, Dean.

Sharon from Hamilton, New Jersey

Two Wonderful Video Clips

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I watched the video clips this morning. I couldn't yesterday because I visited 11 homes to prepare for offers.
I am so impressed with the one from Joe and Stacey because he went ahead and tried and wasn't going to be discouraged if the answer was no. His surprise was a real delight. My real estate contact is telling me how my projected offers probably won't fly. Joe's results gives me the courage to proceed anyway. Whoo hoo!
The credit report video was a reminder to do it. I had already been through this process several years ago but it cost me about $200. This process last time took numerous responses to resolve all the issues, but the results were very good. I will proceed with that again ASAP. Thank you!



dean i just started to read your materials and i fined them very intriging i have a lot to catch up with I,LL be gitting back to you thank you BILL

Need help from north bay area!

I need some one help me.
Since I havae lerned many strategies, technique from Dean and every body in this site, I believe I can changae my situation. However, my broker doesn't believe about all of these and told me not to listen or read something like this because these are all scam. He is personally a nice person and he helped me a lot when I got divorce and purchased my current condominium. I want to buy a new single family home for me and my daughters and sell my condo before my interest only loan is expired. He is trying to get pre-approval by bank but he said it is very hard because my income is not enough or situation is complicate. His plan is use all my money include my 401k(not much). I think I can do something better with Deans' strategy without use all of my money and get another loan for a rest of my life. My English is not strong enough to convince him or deal with many things so if I could meet some one who are doing this in my area, would be gratefull. Please contact me. Thank you for reading.

Find A new Realtor

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Hi Yumi,
find a new Realtor. One that will listen to you goals. I have a great Realtor in MI and she istens and dies what I ask her to do. Why would she do this? I am her pay check and if she doesn't follow my plan she knows I will find another realtor that will. We both have this unspoken understanding. As far as Dean's creadibilty, his merits stand on it's own. I have read many, many...maybe way to many books and Dean's books and this web site have been my map in my head that proves that RE investing is the best game in town and Dean and his team and the DG family are here to support all that join and strive to succeed in this awesome winfall market! This is real, this is my world and I welcome all who join my reality! Best of luck in you RE ventures and I hope you find inspiration on this web site much like I have!!
Earl in MI


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Sorry for all the typos...My realtor is still alive...

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