Welcome Chris

I hope you can find others with the same interest here in this group. It is with great hope that the members will eventually end up working on projects together.

If anyone has any deals or are looking for others to work with them please reply to this post so that the group will know what you have been up to.

investor needed

Im Tom, and im just getting started her in central AL. I have been at it for 4 days now, and i 4 REALY GOOD deals that i need to assign to anyone interested. All 4 are right at the 50% range of arv. These are my first and i really need to pass them off just to prove to myself that it realy can be done. Please contact me at tedeliz@**** if interested.

Just trying to learn something

ascnbe's picture

My name is Kim. I am new to all of this and I am just starting to follow the website. I live in Southeast Louisiana (just north of New Orleans). I just wanted to introduce myself. I am hoping to pick up some knowledge from reading the accoplishments that are posted here. I appreciate the fact that you folks are kind enough to share your experience for the rest of us.

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