Western Ohio Group Breakfast and GDREIA S.I.N.G

For those of us in western ohio I would like to maybe get together and have a breakfast or lunch either in Troy or Tipp City. Also, the GDREIA is wanting me to start the northern S.I.N.G. group back up.

S.I.N.G. stands for Saturday Investor Networking Group. It is currently held in moraine at Frisch's and is a great place to meet and greet!

Next Meeting for the WOH Group?

Tony --

Do we have anything scheduled? All I've seen are your 2 messages.

Is this the place to try to connect with the group?


Bill Rosenberg

Shooting for

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Second Saturday of the month at 9:00 am til about 11:00ish. Location yet to be determined. It will be in conjunction with the GDREIA Northern S.I.N.G. Group

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