Where is everyone?

Hi! I'm new here, and about half way through Dean's book. I am looking to find like-minded people who are positive and believe that this can done. (anyone else getting negative feedback from friends/family about investing in real estate right now???) Do you ever get together? I'm in Central San Diego.


San Diego Group

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Hey SD future Investors.I believe Kanbee started this group a long time ago, but it never got started.I dont think he's even on this site anymore.Maybe we need to get something going for SD Investors that's using Deans Strategies.I know of about 6 of us from SD on this site now.

Any interest in starting a local group of Dean's students?

Let me know, I'll set it up. Alison

Starting local group

I'm interested. When and Where?

Starting local group

I'm interested. When and Where?


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there is a lot of interest. what can we do to set up a meeting? how about some time this week? where is every one located so we can find some thing centrally located.

get to gether

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hi, i am very interested in trying to get something together. i thing if we can put our heads together we can figure a way to work dean's program even here in san diego. kekeehn@ yahoo

SD investors

Yes...let's get something going! I'm in. I'd love to get involved with other like-minded folks.

San Diegan living in Georgia

Hello to all...

I have business ties in San Diego, still. The potential is intriguing to me. Recently, I too, just got started. I think that this forum can be a force. Once, we can establish what our current strengths are along with a focus...then it makes sense to learn together and earn income. Whether as individuals or collectively. The first thing to do is...get a dialogue going, and see what each of us know...and to keep each other on target..


Looking to put together a group in San Diego of Dean's students

Are you ever in SD? Looking to start a local group.



my purpose is to see what type of energy there is on this forum...to get some ideas brainstormed. I've worked as a consultant in the past and have some knowledge in this industry. All of us come from different backgrounds...so, I'll start the process.

If there are motivated, energetic people out there, ready to work at this then...respond back, soon:)

P.S. Can the heading on this forum be changed, to be more, INTERESTING!!!


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i am having computer problems? very touchy. had this typed out once already. any way, i am very interested in getting together. i thing i would be great to figure out how we can use dean's course can help here in calif. san diego especially. i have many years of construction backround and still have active license. my son is a real estate agent and i have bought a few homes. just do not know how to locate the 65%ltv homes. kekeehn@ yahoo

r.e. titan

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The biggest REI meeting in San Diego is www.sdcia.com which is in Mission Valley or there's another one in north county SD & I think that website is www.nsdrei.com
You will find a lot of Investors & some DG members @these meetings to gain a lot of good contacts to keep in the flow of what's going on in our market. As for finding properties @65% of ARV, Is very hard to do if your putting in offers through the MLS search, as CASH buyers are paying 70-100% with multiple offers on each property in the past 6 months.
The deals are outside of the MLS "pre foreclosures"
If anyone is interested in REI meetings in Hemitt, Redlands or Palm Desert, Ca. let me know as we "Tag Team Properties,llc" took over these REI Clubs as the Organizer. We have a lot of successful Investors as guest speakers lined up.

North County Investor

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Hey everyone! This has been quite the ride. I attended a Rich Dad seminar the end of February then found Dean's book and have been running (not walking) in the direction of my new future in real estate investing. I am so excited and see the pieces comming together. I put in my first four offers this week. And am crunching numbers for a possible rehab. I have contractors coming out to give me bids next week. It looks good and I definately have a motivated seller. I'm shooting for 50% off After repair FMV.

Let's Go!!!!

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Hiya SD REIs! I'm Ryan, live here in SD, and new to the site. I've done quite a bit of investing (in Las Vegas) in the past, but have not done any here in CA. I know the process but have some questions re: re-assignments. I'd love to get something going on here. PM me with your email or # and let's chat. There is soooo much opportunity here in SD!!!
Hope to talk soon,

San Diego

Hi I am in san diego and starting my investment strategy with assignments. I have potentials buyers set up but I am having a hard time finding agents with time to place my offers. Any ideas or contacts for willing real estate agents will be greatly appreciated.


I've been unable to find s realtor to work with in San Diego county. I'm now in the process of submitting offers myself.

No sense wasting time trying to get a realtor to work with me. I know as I become successful in this market, realtors will start coming to me!

Good Luck,

No county realtor

Hi Jan,

I have a GREAT RE Agent who is also an investor if you are still looking...

Lisa B.

No County RE Agent


If you are still in need of an excellent RE agent who is also and investor ...let me know.

Lisa B.

get to gether

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trying to get the club to get together but for several months still nothing? if everyone said where they are located maybe we could find something centrally located to most. hope is happens soon. kekeehn@****

Support Group

Would love to find other individuals who want to learn this process of purchasing properties for investment with little or no money down. I'm new to San Diego, have two rentals in Seattle area, and would also like to purchase a home to live in. Any interested parties?


Support Group

Hi Susan:

I'm new to investing & would love to get a meeting of San Diego investors going!

get to gether

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trying to get the club to get together and so far they all say yes but nothing? let me know if you are interest. thanks, kekeehn@****



support group

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i can not tell how many there are that are interested in a group to help motivate and inspire us to take advantage of the real estate bust. can we get a head count on how many are interested and where we are al located. i am in mission hills, that date show that interest has been lagging i hope you have not given up

Support Group

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Hi everyone, I'm a newbie, I live in El Cajon. I've decided to take action due to hardship finding employment. My life is not getting any better it's sinking just like quicksand. It's time to change that and I am very interested. When, where and time. Here's my issue though. I do not have transportation, I use my legs, SD Transit or SD Trolley to get around. So if everyone decides when, where and time I will make whatever efforts to be there. Like Dean mentioned in is book "if you don't try then you already failed!"


Investor Group

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I am new as well. I live in Oceanside and work in Point Loma. I am very interested in being involved with other like minded individuals who are taking action. Lets get the ball rolling.

wow a lot of SD Investors now

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If I had the time, I would put something together. I'm referring to REI meetings. The SDCIA meeting is a big one here in SD and has tons of networking going on there. I believe it's the 2nd tues of every month. $20 fee.
If anyone is interested in BirdDogging for me, Let me know.
We're looking for SFR 1000sqft-up 3/2's & 4/2's
& needs excessive repairs. "Ugly"
Someone who needs to sell their house FAST! & has some equity is key or vacant boarded up abandon homes that aren't listed, but owned by someone.
I don't want leads from the MLS because we have access to the MLS.
Earn $500-$2500 depending on the deal.

Email me directly

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Hi Jason,
Please email me your contact info. My email is
Are you looking for San Diego only?
Are you looking for bulk REO's?

I'm interested in BirdDogging

Hi Jason,

I'm just getting started. I've been looking on the web for incredible deals, but I haven't spoken to any sellers yet.

I found a SFR 3/2 for $27,000! The ad says "ROI's at 57% ... $1300 monthly cash flow..." I don't even know what that means! Check this out: www.postlets.com/res/2902839. Looks like it's on 8th and Broadway, downtown. The satellite view looks like a parking lot, though.

There's also a 2/2 condo at 3140 Midway for $87,600.

Please let me know how I can help.
Rose Marie
619 417-5000

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