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I received Dean's book, Profit From Real Estate Right Now, on Saturday and finished it up mid-day yesterday. Since then I have found a realtor, and mortgage broker, set up my toll-free voice mail (mostly) and am starting to look for houses to lock up.

I still need to: get business cards, signs, etc. Obviously, this needs to be done quickly. My question is, what else should I be doing?

Also, I talked to my realtor today at length and tried to figure out how she would work into properties that I'm finding and assigning or using the IEE method to make some quick cash. Do realtors play a role in that process or should I go it alone for these methods? How do they (realtors) make money on the transaction types that I'm looking to do? Obviously, they do a great service in that they can find certain types of homes that I might be interested in doing this kind of deal... I'm just worried that she won't make any money until I actually choose to buy a house instead of just flipping equity or assigning.


vacant homes

does any one have any suggestion on how to get contact info once the property is vacated

Great Resouce

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The County Accessor Office can be a great resource, you can wither contact by phone or web and the property is listed in whomever is handling the business.

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Or you can just mail to the property address and it may forward to the contact person. It is a gamble anyway but one worth taking.

Good Luck

Resource for finding owners of vacant houses.

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There are some big-name real estate investors (Dean may provide this service) that do skip tracing for a fee. Not free, but they provide much information not available elsewhere, such as other family or neighbor contact information which is sometimes the only way to track down a vacant owner. Can't provide sources for this service as this forum has a rule against sourcing other guru products/services. Use Dean if he provides this service; or if not, perhaps if you PM him he will provide some sources.

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