Your Town Your Real Estate Profits

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Your Town Your Real Estate Profits Description:

“The cook book for creating your own real estate meal ticket!"

In Your Town Your Profits Dean explodes the limits of your thinking and shows you that real estate is NOT just for other people, it’s for you. You are shown the exact techniques used by everyday people who bought one or more of Dean's previous books, learned what they needed to learn, got clarity on real estate investing, took action and simply changed their lives forever. (Translation… they made boatloads of money!).

Don’t be misled. The students in this book don’t give a cheerleader story of “rah-rah...we made money," they share the exact techniques they learned through so you can replicate what they did. They made the money not in spite of the economy and real estate market, but BECAUSE of it.

Some Were Broke…Some Were Stable, But They ALL Wanted More From Life!

These people decided to try real estate because they were not satisfied with their life for one reason or another. Some were broke with bad credit (or no credit). Some were scared, stressed, depressed and downright hopeless over what their future had in store for them. Others were doing fine, they just wanted more. Some were sick of working 7 days a week or 70 hours a week. Some are young couples that wanted to enjoy life and didn’t want to keep worrying about bills, worrying about their family or their future. One thing they all have in common is they didn’t let their past or present dictate their future, they took action and changed their lives forever.

If you take the time to read and absorb this book you will get exact step-by-step techniques that have worked for Dean and countless numbers of his students all across America. This book is full of proven real estate investing recipes that you will use to cook up successful real estate deals and show the world that you can do it. Dean has also included dozens and dozens of forms and online links to more resources and the tools you need to do everything he shows you. Isn't it time YOU got your turn with real estate and building a solid future for you and your family?

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Customer Reviews:

I Just got this Book

I Just Got this book a few days ago & i have yet tio read but have flipped through it a few times & love that Dean includes his Students Strategies in this book cause it really helps others like myself who's starting out in Real Estate.

I plan to buy this book, because I love reading success stories

I love Dean's "Profit From Real Estate Right Now".
And I plan to buy his new "YOUR TOWN Your Real Estate PROFITS" too, because I believe that it will be filled
with even more student success stories and current techniques.

I enjoy Dean's simple writing style too. His books are pretty clear and easy to understand.

I already have everything that I need to succeed as
a beginner real estate investor. But I like reading Dean's books as extra motivational tools. Through his books Dean is mentoring me and encouraging me to succeed.

Austin, Tx

Dean's Best Book!

Joe Jurek's picture

This is Dean's best book as it is packed with tips, techniques, strategies and insight that only Dean's 20 years of real estate experience can bring you. I have read this book countless times and have been blown away by all the great content and inspiration through-out this book. If you want to succeed with real estate investing, this is the book for you! Dean's book inspires you to take action, so no matter where you live, you can make money with real estate investing! Thanks Dean for providing such awesome books and programs for all of us! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Just Ordered The Book...

numis1032's picture

I'm looking forward to getting this book because I'm very interested in the wholesale side of the real estate business.

JUST ORDERED "Your Town Your Real Estate Profits"

I JUST ORDERED Deans new book "Your Town Your Real Estate Profits" and look forward to reviewng it.


wehogan2's picture

Is the CD still available with the Your Town book?

Does the CD come with Deans new book?

DECISION's picture

I'm very interested in purchasing Dean's new book, I have Profit from real-estate already, is this available please reply.

Dean's Books

LD713's picture

Hi, everyone!
I want to get all Dean's books. So far, I only have the one, "Profit From Real Estate RIGHT NOW!"
Trouble is, right now I cannot go out and make the deals as yet because I'm a care giver to my mother and can't leave her too long by herself.
I need helping her and a place to stay and want our mother with us as long as possible. In the mean time, I can read so much and learn at the same time!

Thanks, Dean.

Just Ordered the new book "Your Town Your Real Estate Profits"

PEYTON875's picture

I just ordered Deans new book "Your Town Your Real Estate Profits" and am looking forward to reading it once I receive it.

Audio book

michejalen's picture


Is your new book "Your Town Your Real Estate Profits" available as an audio book?


Just finished reading it

Wow! I already read Dean's other two books last year, but Your Town Your Real Estate Profits was the best to me. I think the way it is organized is great, with student success stories using different funding and strategies with deals focusing on different things. Then the way the last chapters were laid out were very easy to follow. I really love this book.

I also just ordered Totally Fufilled after reading a stream of posts about it. Thanks Dean for the great easy to read and follow information.


sorry, I'm overwhelmed

I'm trying to listen to the Edge, and it took me more than a week and still on the 3rd DVD. I'm getting tired trying so hard. I think I should finish the Edge first. Then try to digest first.

Still reading your book

It is the best reading imformation that should help me get my first deal! Its hard to decide where to start , but it will come altogether once I digest all the information. I love this book. YOUR TOWN YOUR REAL ESTATE PROFITS

Still waiting

Ordered book 10/26/12 still hasn't arrived. Followed up and apparently they forgot to put my apt#, so now i have to wait another wk.


I little annoyed to say the least, just got off the phone w/ Cameron (cust. serv. rep.) was informed my book was shipped again on the 9th, 2 days later than i was previously told it would be shipped. And that i should receive it around the 16th! That's 10 days shy of a month since the book was ordered. No tracking# was provided so i have to wait until they are unable to deliver it before i can track it???? Hopefully that won't be the case since this time they didn't forget my apt.# like they did the last time. It should have been shipped with higher priority being it wasn't my fault they failed to include the apt# i provided.

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