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If you prefer to keep this private please feel free to download the exercise and print it out. It is important that you watch the video so you have a clear idea of how to go through the exercise. Download the report here.

Question #1: Why is real estate investing important to you?



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Thanks again Dean. Very thought provocative. This exercise alone has made me think about what my true purpose and goals are. It's not about me, my situation or wants. It's about what I can do to give back.

Can't wait to receive your next exercise.

Also, I MUST attend your "EDGE" event. I don't know how yet, but if I have to hitch hike across the country, whatever it takes, you can be sure, I'll be there.

You can quote me on that.

7 levels deep

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awesome video dean!! i love the part in your discussion that the father LEARNED hi daughter just wanted to have someone around her at school.it shows you there is more to it than just wanting a PHONE!!what a VALUABLE lesson for her dad and we can all learn this lesson you just taught us through 7 LEVELS DEEP .thanks dean for all you teach us!!!

7 Levels Deep

That really makes you think- and as you said - a good tool to use throughout life on what you really want, and how to find out what that is. Great excercise- thank you.


Thank you dean for sharing this information with us, I loved the example of the father using this on his daughter because it shows the far reaching benifits of this excersize and how you can apply it to get to the core of any issue you face in life, I think this excersize has far reaching benifits to our everyday lives and situations. I was wondering where I can get a blank copy of this excersize so I can keep some with me to use to figure out my lifes direction and to get to the core of what is really important to me in my life and to figure out what my core reasons are for wanting financial freedom and total financial security I think I have a grasp of what they are but this excersize will double check those and keep me focused. I very much apreciate all that you do for us and wish everyone a ton of success in there indeavors and thier personal lives.

7 Levels Deep

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Wow you make me think and I can't see myself falling after writing this down. Because I have a property that not moving and I was feeling bad. Thank Dean you put me back in games thank so much

7 Levels deep

Thank you for giving people like me hope for the future in real estate investing. I was stricken with Guillian-Barre Syndrome in October of 2003. I spent nearly 3 years in hospitals and nursing homes in Illinois and Ohio. The syndrome left me disabled and in an electric wheelchair.
This video shows how "peeling the onion" can get a person to reveal their true emotional want. Once they reveal that want, you can sell them anything, especially if you keep directing them back to that emotional reason they are here. Its their own dream they are buying. I'm here to buy my dream and to teach others like me that there are no obstacles that can't be overcome.
I just received my book today, and already I can sense that the first page of your book is the first chapter of the rest of my life. I can't wait to close my first deal.

7 Levels Deep

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Thank you for the this exercise.I have already got your first two books and have learned alot.I have not received the third one yet but am looking forward to digging in when it does.Can not wait to be one of your next success stories.Thank you agin,your the best.

To A New Life

Hi Dean,
I have done this exercise before through the Edge DVD's but I only did in my head. I'll tell ya. It's much better!!!!when you write it down. I can breathe. Onward and upward.
Thanks Dean.
You're the best,

7 Levels Deep

I found this to be very insightful and really related to the dauhter and cell phone story since my soon-to-be 13 year old daughter has been asking for one. Not only has this exercise allowed me to further develop my life purpose statement, but I think it could be used to help determine a seller's (buyer too?) magic buttons if presented in an appropriate manner.

Thank you for all that you do and the wisdom that you freely share!

7 Lavels

You know, I knew this exercise would be good but like you said Dean, the last several questions were digging a bit deep and I could feel that inside. Very insightful. I thank you once again.



The reason I love the DG site (my family) so much is because of the inspiration, encouragement and willingness to share. It strengthens me to hear stories as yours and lets me know there really is "NO EXCUSE" for not pursuing my dreams. I have great admiration for those that pursue their dream in spite of (or because of) physical and mental barriers. I hope and pray that you get all you have dreamed for and wish you great success in the future.

7 levels Deep....

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This is a tremendous exercise for knowing "your why" and nothing else will matter. Once you are fueled with "your why" it should put you on a course of determined success. Thanks so much for sharing this activity! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

7 levels deep

Knowing why, will keep me focused on the prize. It gives me personally a better idea what the prize is.

This is a great exercise

Thank you very much for this. This definitely will help me on my journey to true success. God bless you Dean.

7 Levels

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I never expected this when I first saw your infomercial. Thank you so much for this soul searching experience

7 Levels

Thank you for such a stimulating exercise..! It really makes you think twice at what's important in life. Please keep up the great feedbacks...


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Get out the handkerchief..Thanks Dean..My 11 yr old is about to get an education. I know i just did..


7 Levels Deep

WOW!What a great exercise. It's great to see our motivations written out. I look forward to chasing my dreams once again. Thank you Dean.


7 levels deep

this does get to the core of things, deep down, peeling off the layers. Thanks!

1 level deep

it coulda been named 1 level deep. my goal and the way to make it happen (real estate) didnt change.

i couldnt watch the video though because it wouldnt load so maybe i missed out on more profound nuggets of wisdom.

7 Level Deep

Wow! that was awesome. thanks Dean, that was a good exercise can't wait until the next one. I'm own my way to success.

7 Levels Deep

Great exercise! It reaffirms and focuses my attention on what's really important.

I want to leave a legacy for my children
A sense of purpose and achievement
Personal fullfillment while helping others

Very inspiring, never have

Very inspiring, never have really been in touch with my inner self. Thanks


What a terrific exercise. Like you said in the video this can be used for all aspects of our lives to determine the true why we do what we do. If we focus upon those deep layers of our reasons, we cannot be derailed during the desert periods of our journey. Thanks you.

7 Levels

It's always great to realize truly why a person keeps thriving and going the distance..Thanks Dean..

Seven Levels

Thanks for the 7 Levels exercise. It can be used for so many of lifes decisions. I'am planning to relocate to Florida and this is helping
in my decision making process.


what a wake up call, it's time to light the fire and stop thinking and just do something even if it's wrong I'll at least learn from it!!!!!!


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It is sometimes difficult to articulate the why's and reasons for wanting something, and this exercise was perfect for weeding through the obvious answers to get to the deep and profound answers. Thanks again Dean! You prove time and time again to be a man of integrity with total sincerity and completely genuine!

7 Levels Deep Exercise

Hey, Dean!

Another thing this exercise does is force a person to be honest with themselves. This is sometimes one of the most difficult things to do, but if done properly, it is the most effective and most rewarding. God bless you! Of all the success programs I've seen out there, I have to say I believe you are the most sincere in desiring to help others to do and to be the best they possibly can be. Yours is the most motivating and encouraging program out there.
Thank you so very much. I now have a renewed zest for getting out there and seeing what I can do!


Sometime in life you don't know why you do the things you do until people like Dean comes along and makes you really think i!!! This was a great exercise just not for us but for anyone that maybe a little off track in life. Thank you Dean for all you given to us, you are a true inspiration...

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