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Use this section to discuss each all aspects of real estate investing. Please ensure your topic is created in the relevant forum.
Discuss the aspects of buying foreclosures, REOs, preforeclosures and other properties in which you can leverage great deals due to their unique situation.
3663 32045 Invest in my ...
3 days 21 hours ago
by Rob Boldt
Discuss topics relating to researching the property, such as title searches, history and more.
301 2396 Buyers Phone ...
8 weeks 4 days ago
by saroberts69
Discuss techniques and strategies to obtaining financing, including traditional lending and mortgages, private lenders, owner carry and more. In addition you can discuss credit issues, including improving credit or the effect credit has on financing and vice versa.
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1 week 4 days ago
by TDSPropertiesVT
Discuss topics relating to contracts that take place in any process of the real estate buying or selling side.
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4 days 5 hours ago
by steinway024
Discuss the aspects of attracting sellers or buyers, including marketing techniques, screening buyers and sellers, and more.
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4 days 14 hours ago
by Hal Hissey
Discuss Tax Sales in this section.
164 1192 Lien States ...
6 weeks 6 days ago
by CaliTony
90 292 Most expensive ...
26 weeks 5 days ago
by insidernotes
Talk about the trends and condition of the national and regional real estate markets.
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1 week 6 days ago
by reinvestor42
Use this forum to discuss all aspects of investing through rental property.
465 2548 Buying and ...
42 min 48 sec ago
by Evangeline Palmerton
Discuss the aspects of doing home rebab to enhance the value of the property.
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3 weeks 4 days ago
by Green_Team
Anything that doesn't fit in the other categories goes here. If it is news or opinion related it will likely be better to post those in a related "News" section.
4767 38109 Closing deals ...
2 days 1 hour ago
by CaliTony
Journals of members on the site that document their real estate investing progress and activities.
2127 42326 KATWholesales ...
2 hours 22 min ago
by CaliTony
This forum is exclusively for posting deals you are considering, deals you are in the process of or deals completed.
1558 20877 Deal #9 made ...
22 hours 5 min ago
by CaliTony
Want to about something specific to your area, or network with others in your area? Use this forum to do just that!
1142 6402 Secret way to ...
5 days 22 hours ago
by CaliTony
Use this forum to talk about your successes, deals and personal accomplishments.
149 1486 Calitony ...
3 days 4 hours ago
by CaliTony
Discussion for all of Dean's books.
Use this forum to discuss all things discussed or taught in Dean Graziosi's "Your Town Your Real Estate Profits"
72 535 Starting Real ...
5 days 4 hours ago
by Barlow Chapman
Discuss Dean's book Profit From Real Estate Right Now!
129 825 I seriously ...
7 weeks 4 days ago
by CaliTony
Use this forum to discuss or get clarification on specific things mentioned in the book.
95 876 Can I still ...
1 week 3 days ago
by Heide D.
Use this forum to talk about the book, anything related to it or becoming "Totally Fulfilled"
37 399 Dream Big and ...
18 weeks 2 days ago
by insidernotes
Discussions for all of Dean's courses and programs.
Chat here about how you are using the AFF program or get advice on using it. This is for AFF specific discussion only.
25 256 Wholesaler's ...
19 weeks 3 days ago
by 1AjaGreen
Chat here about how you are using the SFL program or get advice on using it. This is for SFL, Smart Automation, or Open Road specific discussions only.
24 786 Financial ...
33 weeks 20 hours ago
by TetraHomes
Chat about how you are using the Think a Little Different (TALD) program, get advise on it and more. This is for TALD specific discussion only.
77 581 Locking Up ...
1 week 1 day ago
Chat here about how you are using the RBBP program or get advice on using it. This is for Rock Bottom Blueprint specific discussion only.
60 2411 ...
14 weeks 3 hours ago
by keb64
Chat about how you are using the 4Closure Alert system (FAL), get advise and make recommendations. This is for FAL specific discussion only.
29 160 Warning! Watch ...
34 weeks 18 hours ago
Talk about other projects and things Dean is involved in.
Chat and ask questions about using Operation Free Home in your community.
10 87 http://musclebu ...
11 weeks 2 days ago
by lizama1963
This section is related for news only. Use the other forums to talk about specific investment principles.
Talk about news articles, trends and first hand accounts of what is happening with the foreclosure market.
180 421 California ...
1 year 11 weeks ago
by charmaine buchholz
Use this forum to chat about ideas for an annual DG member Cruise including ideas for general topics to be discussed
15 272 www.fixLouisVui ...
3 years 18 weeks ago
by Jay Sthilaire
Use this forum to chat about information and take aways form the annual events.
45 764 youtube area??
9 weeks 6 days ago
by keb64
Talk about mortgage news articles and interest rates.
165 279 "Know before ...
5 days 10 hours ago
by Rickdel
Discuss and post news reports on the general real estate market.
343 746 Are you ...
18 weeks 4 days ago
by neetasharma
Use this forum to chat about something in the news that is unrelated to real estate, or may impact it in a way, such as politics, new legislation or anything else.
595 1958 Finding a ...
13 weeks 5 days ago
by insidernotes
Use these forums to talk about issues revolving the online community.
Post questions and feedback about using this online community on DO NOT post anything questions, customer service issues, etc about your products or services, they will be deleted immediately without reply. For those issues click the "Get Support" link at the top of the page.
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6 weeks 6 days ago
by CaliTony