Opportunities in Pittsburgh, PA

Opportunities in Pittsburgh, PA

Can anyone give me any advice for the Pittsburgh, PA Area?
Lessons Learned?


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Pittsburg Opportunities

Yes, place all your future bets on the Steelers for some time to come. This is another dynasty in the making, just like it was the 70's all over again.

Western New York

I'm a Canadian living in Toronto and with a pit stop in Amherst, New York, a Buffalo suburb, where I usually spend 3 weekdays. I'm an experienced birdogger and assigner. There's lots of product in WNY, good stuff, in fact maybe too good, 300K and up would you believe with motivated sellers.

Possibilities for lease/purchase/options for end users who either reside in the area and are moving up or newcomers being transferred in.

I also have a condo in Bradenton Beach Florida and recently was successful in birddogging a beautiful Longboat Key condo that I flipped to a Syracuse NY retiring Judge for a tidy bit of change. There's opportunity there in birdogging for busy Snowbirds, both Canadian and American, who are about to retire but are presently maxed out timewise. There are lots and lots of opportunities from Manatee County around Bradenton to Cape Corel.

My problem in taking title to U.S. properties with a buy and hold and rent strategy is the lenders even though I have a 725 plus credit rating. They are skittish on two counts, my Canadian citizenship and the fact the properties are not going to be owner occupied. Thus leverage is unavailable to me.