What happened to the Live calls

What happened to the Live calls

I so enjoy the live calls but why haven't we had any in a while.I really liked the last 2 with Anita and Rina it made me feel like all the hard work I do on a daily basis with real estate and this program works.
Just wondering if anyone else missed them.




I feel the same way. Sad
I know Dean was going to plan a special call for this month, but he's been super busy with filming and REI (no doubt to our benefit in the future) so I haven't heard if there's one coming. I just mentioned this to his assistant yesterday. Told her we miss him here. Smiling I have a feeling he'll be popping in with some news any day now.

to everyone's success,



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That's a very good question! I think we ALL miss those calls, they're such an inspiration to all of us. I'm sure Dean will be doing another one soon, he's probably busy like Rina said. Eye-wink

Continued blessings,


Cool Elena Cool
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Ditto Phil

I to clear my night to be at the calls. I have heard that it will be once a month soon. We will see. i just read your post on your flip and it was very informative about your title company. Another sticky note for my overcrowded file on REI, and by the way, Welcome to the DG family, you have a home here.....Jan

Me Too!.....

I am missing those calls as well. I did enjoy those calls by Rina and Anita, they're great! I'm sure DG has us in his schedule. I still have my family on here that motivates me everyday. See You All at the Top!



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Thanks Jan

Thanks for the support.
Everyone is so supportive at the DG site.
I have to busy to post much or even read posts because of my new flip which should be ready for market in a month.
I will post more and a diary when my lastest flip is done.
I have been trying to connect some buyers and sellers with little succes so far but I am committed to this being my life long bussiness and passion.
I wish you all the best and I'll be on more soon.


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