Investing in New Orleans

Hi guys, first and foremost I hope I am posting this in the right place. I recently moved to the New Orleans area and from what i have seen, I believe that there are great real estate investment opportunities here. However, i am very nervous, I have never invested in real estate before, i don't have ready cash to invest and i am worried about the right area to invest in terms of flooding. I would greatly appreciate any assistance and or advice that any one can offer.

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Investing in New Orleans

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If you are in the city limits then you have about a 70% chance of dealing with flooding. I have been here for about 34 years. I moved here from IN. Katrina changed all the flood maps. Places that had never flooded before were under water. I would be happy to give you any insight I have if you have an area you are interested in. I live on the Northshore. Slidell used to be considered a place where most folks didn't worry about flooding. Katrina took houses off their foundations that had never had water in their yard before. There were many areas that were within 5 miles of that devastation that had no water at all, so you have to check with the locals to find out what does and doesn't currently fall under the "flood problem areas"

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