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Until recently I didn't realize this, so I thought I'd put it in for those who may not know yet. When searching Craigslist for sellers, buyers, investors, private/hard money lenders, lease options, etc. make sure you look under all the "HOUSING" categories.

But don't forget to scroll down and look under "SERVICES" as well ("real estate" subheading). I have made contact with several investors, an awesome mortgage broker, and today left a message for a private money lender as well, all found in this category.

Just thought I'd share that. Smiling


P.S. If anyone else has other little tips about Craigslist, feel free to add them here. Knowledge is power (even the little

Craigslist Catagories


I would've never thought in a million years implementing the RE link in Craigslist as a part of my searches. This is a great lead as Craigslist is global, not just national.

Since I'll be out of town in the next week & a half( vacationing @ a friend's home in the desert ), I'll be hunting down Craigslist to set up a quick network in his hometown and hopefully set up a few deals along the way. He and his wife aren't hooked up to DG yet, but they are pretty pumped for my arrival to get this show on the road:-)

Kudos, Rina.



As I came across your comments on Craigslist and cut and pasted it in my personal notes file, it came to me that this is like finding jewels in the diamond mind of this website. I will now look for the jewels, mine the jewels, and keep adding them to my treasury. Pas. Greg

Hey, Sonic.

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Have a wonderful vacation! Get your REI friends to come back and join you on DG site. We'll all say hi. Smiling

God bless,


Re: Hey, Sonic


Rest assured I'll get them hooked up. After all, they are the ones that initially got me hooked into Dean's course for success:-)

Believe me when I say that I have rightly earned this vacation in the desert. Coming from a former Midwesterner, there is nothing more that'll do the heart and soul some good than a nice romp of 4-wheelin' on the two-track into the peace and quiet of God's abundant wilderness and up to the Lake( Lake Tahoe, that is ) for the fall colors. It's guaranteed to create some unforgettable memories:-)

I will keep in touch during my time in the desert.

Take care. may God richly bless y'all.



Thanks! I never thought to check in the "SERVICES" section. I appreaciate it. Your younger brother from a different

Hey, little bro.

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you're welcome anytime. Smiling


Thanks Rina

I also was not aware such a section existed on Craig's list. Always learning something new every day.


Good Tip!!!!

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Howdy From The West!

You don't Know me I am trying to get in to this kind of field. Thanks for the tip. If I come across any you can use I will be shore to pass them on

As Roy would say! Until we me again!

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