Creating a Buyers list

Creating a Buyers list

I've finished the book and started researching my area and some properties. I wanted to start my potential buyers list, but I thought I'd get some imput from the pros! Smiling

Can I have examples of letters you'd send out or an advertisement you'd put on Craigslist. I haven't seen many of the "We buy homes!"-type ads locally, but I figure I can stir up some business somehow!

Where would be a good place to find more investors???



I have run into the same

I have run into the same problem. I have decided to create my own buyer's list by speaking to stable people that I know. I intend to create a frenzy so that they will understand that they can make some quick money or hold property for the long term. I am excited. Wish me luck!!

All the best!!!

Good luck and Godspeed! haha

Let me know how it works out. I may try a similar method!

When I get back home, I'm going to put an ad in the paper and online and see if I get any bites!


Welcome to the DG family, glad to have you here with us. You tried craigslist? Did you try backpage? Ok, then try to put an ad like:
$30,000 EQUITY

That should get your phone ringing. Try different days to place the ad, some work better than others. You might also try to place it in near by cities as well. Good luck and God bless!Eye-wink


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Potential buyers?

So we can create this list before locking it up? Sorry if I sound inexperienced, that's because I am. If potential buyers do get in contact with you, what would you say if you haven't locked it up?


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Ideas for a list

I am also in need of some ideas to create a buyers list, I have potential homes lined up I need my list now (did it backwards I know) or just other ideas or tips. Maybe someone has an idea I havent thought of yet. Smiling

Are you guys sure....

you looked in the right places on craigslist? You guys know to look where it says "real estate services" right? Not where it has "properties for sale", cause my area, along with TONS of other area's are FILLED with investor AD's. Same with, they have TONS of investor AD's too.



My buyers list....

My buyers created thru telling everyone that i know that I buy houses. I also contact REI clubs in my area...genius I know.

An infamous bank robber was once finally caught by the police. After being caught the police were interrogating him and asked him "why do you rob banks?" his answer....."because that is where they keep the money".

Go to your local REI Clubs. That is where they keep the people that buy investment property.


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You would DEFINITLY want to start your "buyers list" before you "LOCK" anything up, that's a definite way of working smarter and NOT harder. Before i even started looking at real estate, I worked on building up my "buyers list" FIRST. This way if you could only "LOCK UP" a property for 30 days, instead of 60 days, which i prefer, I'll still be o.k., cause i have like 20-30 "buyers" already ready to go, now there's probably ONLY 3-4 SOLID BUYER's for every 20-30 contacts that you get, so remember you can NEVER have enough "GOOD" buyers.




so lemme get this strait, you put an ad in the paper, stating that your looking for people who are wanting to buy houses? before you actully have a house for sale?


However it's a little more inticing than that,lol. You guys are going to need to get CREATIVE, when it comes to these AD's. It took me a little while until "I" came up with an "original" AD that wasen't copied from anyone else, thats what i mean, when i say "get CREATIVE". It's what you say in your AD that separates you from EVERYONE ELSE, is how your going to get "END BUYERS" to call YOU, instead of the "other guy". Elena, already paved the way for you, thats a typical "buyers list" AD, tweek it, to your liking.



What Should Be Said?

After the ad is placed, and the buyer calls, what do you say to them? What would be a good intro to the conversation? Considering I have no homes lined up yet for the buyer. I am trying to write out a sort of "script" so to speak so I can be a bit more confident when someone calls. I've noticed that I tend to be more nervous when Im not sure about what to say and this sometimes ruins things if you know what I mean. Once the phone starts ringing, I want to be as prepared as possible and not sound like an inexperienced fool Smiling

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Now What do I Do???

Hey SandyCheeks,
I Love that question! I'm here with you waiting for an answer.

Let me repeat SandyCheeks question:
"After the ad is placed, and the buyer calls, what do you say to them?"

Let me take a stab at this. The conversation might go something like this "hello......Yes, We buy and sell houses. Actually the one you are calling about is in the process of closing. But tell me what you are looking for and we will call you when we find the type of property you are seeking."

Something to that effect. Then take their name and number etc. and now you are building your buyers list!

Hows that?

Michael B

Sounds good

If it works, use it. If not, tweek it. Try different aproaches and see what works best. After awhile you will be able to read personalities, and know the best line to take. Experience is the best teacher. It irritates me when I can tell that someone is reading a script. If you need to do this, practice and repeat until it becomes normal conversation. The more times that you talk to perspective clients, the more comfortable you will be. I like to have a list of questions that I need answered, and work thru them in a friendly conversation. Find what works best for you and use it.

Good Luck, Al



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Taking action

After reading what's on the forums and member journals, I think it's time to put my Ad on Craigslist and Backpage .com to create my buyers list.I'm thinking about putting more than one ad, what do you think? Or should I stick with one for now? I'm sitting on the sidelines and my motors racing.I read enough in the posts and book, now it's time to take action.

What would be some of the questions I should ask them in our conversation? Things like: What type of property are you looking for,what's your price range,are you buying cash or using a bank, are you pre-approved,etc.?

I'm a little nervous about doing this, but I have to do this today, right now!

I know I can come back here and get some advise. I'll let you know when I get My first caller.

Wish me luck,



I think I already know what to do here, Im just scared to do it, BUT I am going to do it. Im actually going to look at a house today! My possible first deal, this ones a good one too! Wish me luck!


You know Sandy, I'm scared too. It's that thing called fear. Stepping out of our comfort zone and all. How comfortable is that comfort zone anyway? I think most of us starting out go through this. It boils down to, we just have to face our fears.
And yes! I wish you luck. Let us know how it goes. I'm looking forward to your success. (and mine too.)

Michael B

One more thing

I already shut off my computer then I realized, OH I want to add this quote I came across today for SandyCheeks. (Just thought it might be a nice touch.)

I just got this one today: "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time." Thomas Edison

And since I'm doing Thomas Edison, here's one I sent to Dean (yes the big guy) just a few months ago AND he actually wrote back to me and acknowledged me for it. (Love you Dean)
"GENIUS!? NOTHING!! Sticking to it is the genius!...You've got to make the damn thing work!! I FAILED MY WAY TO SUCCESS!" --Thomas Edison

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