Short Sales Properties for sale- Wisconsin

Short Sales Properties for sale- Wisconsin

Who ever is interesed buying Short Sales Deals let me know if you are interested so i can send you address and information and to make a time to come look at them.




do you already have them "UNDER CONTRACT?"



No, I have a contract with

No, I have a contract with an investor if i refer him a buyer and they closes he will pay me. Are you interested?


Do you have a copy this contract /you and seller /

Reason I have investors who want to downsize at the age of 60 and want me to purchase 5 different properties of his

Unfortunately, I need to do assign contract or something to be compensated for locating seller

He owns the properties free and clear

He does not want any seller financed only wants to sell

Also these properties are rental units (single family residence)

I took photos of the outside of the properties, so I possible could advertise online

I do not have any buyer’s line up yet or basically confuse on what to do next


I am in Houston Texas please send me more info

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