Dean’s “News” Diet Won’t Make You Thinner... Just Happier and Maybe Richer!

Dean’s “News” Diet Won’t Make You Thinner… Just Happier and Maybe Richer!

Here is a little something I want to share with you that you may think sounds a little crazy. But as always, I share with you, what works for me. It’s a diet that has nothing to do with exercise or eating, but everything to do with your well being.


It consists of going on an information diet for a few weeks. Why do I do this?
Because what we focus on, is what we carry around with us throughout the day, the week and the year. Right now, with all that is going on in the world these days, focusing on negative news can truly hinder your personal progress, growth and ability to make more money.

Don’t get me wrong. You should know what is going on in the world, but when so many things seem so bleak all at once, it’s easy to fall victim to a sense of despair and use that as a crutch, an excuse about why your life’s not going as good as it “should” be.

So instead of focusing on how bad things are…(the latest bank disasters or which presidential candidate said what… or how so and so will hurt us if they get into office) take a break from it.

Now I’m not talking forever, I don’t want to suggest you should stick your head in the sand and ignore what’s happening in our world forever. Just take a break, and refocus on what will encourage you. That means NO newspapers, TV, or talking with friends about such news, etc.


Then, instead of watching, reading or having conversations about the negative things, do something REALLY simple: spend time being grateful for what you have.

If you say you don't have much to be grateful for, I beg to differ. This exact exercise of focusing on what I should be grateful for in the face of adversity has gotten me through countless down spots in my life, as well as simply helping me to go to new levels of success when things were going ok.

So what about it? For the next two weeks you wake up and take a quick walk before anyone is up, go downstairs or into your living room, outside on the porch, the garage, anywhere that suits you, and simply say out load what you are grateful for.

Need some ideas? Okay, maybe it’s your spouse, maybe it’s your children or your health. If your health is bad, maybe you can be grateful that you aren’t in the middle of the West Africa…you live America. Think about your friends, parents, past success, the ability to read and have unlimited opportunities (867 million adults are reported as illiterates). Dig deep and be grateful. As I am sitting here writing, I am thinking about my list of things to be grateful for, and I can feel gratitude…it’s live and so deep in my heart, I literally get chills (and the hair is standing up on my arms) as I type. I challenge you to really live the experience of gratitude. We all have problems, some much more severe than others, but set them aside (at least for the next two weeks) and be grateful.

Now you may be saying “what's that got to do with real estate investing and making money?” SOOOOOOOOO I believe, if you take a break from the news and focus on what you are grateful for, it will last much longer than 2 weeks. This exercise will open up a new window of energy, excitement and time to focus on a bigger future for you.

So much of our time is eaten up on what's wrong with us and the world. If you can focus on what's right and the opportunities you have then your future success is limitless. The fact of the matter is that RIGHT NOW if the greatest time in history to profit from real estate.

If you only read a portion of my book, dig back in. If you have not gone out and looked at properties yet, then do it. If you have missed the last few free training calls, get on the next one – or go to and listen to the recordings of previous calls and learn some encouraging techniques.

If you want some help then call my team at 1-800-315-7782 and see if you qualify for my Real Estate Success Academy. It's time to step out of your current situation and try something new.

My friend, nothing could propel your life like Real Estate can. But it won't happen without some work on your side and a commitment to a bigger better future.
Let me know how the 2 week News diet goes for you. We will post your comments up at one of our sites! Eye-wink


PS. Two weeks…no news…and list what your grateful for everyday instead…try it
and see what happens for you!

You made me smile

Anitarny's picture

I think that was the best advice on the news and current situation that I have received yet.


Thanks for sharing, Dean. (that was him, right?)

Rina's picture

Thank you for those encouraging words. We too often take for granted what we actually have.

God bless,


Great Idea!

Dawn_Dean's picture

Thanks for the words of encouragement! It is very easy to take what you have for granted, it could definetly be worse!
I try not to surround myself with any negativity, if that means unplugging the TV, so be it! Smiling


Great Idea

alchristmann's picture

I'll give it a try. I'll pull out the insperational tapes I have and listen to them in the car, instead of the talk radio that I usually listen to. I also find that young children are always positive, (my grand children always lift my spirits) I will spend more time with them also. In two weeks, I'll let you know what happens.


Absolutely right!

Elena M's picture

I don't watch the news. I watch my seminars, videos and read books. The time I would invest in watching tv, I use to broaden my knowledge in REI, marketing, mindset and spirituality. That's much more important to me. I know the news is only interested in selling stories to the public and I'm the creator of my destiny despite what they say. Surround yourself with positive, uplifting people. Family, friends, music, videos, books or whatever you have. It will do you a world of good and wonders to your spirit, like chargin your batteries. Eye-wink

Thank You!

I think we should make this exercise as part of our everyday life. Thank you for bringing this up and just know that i'm greatful for getting up in the morning everyday. There's so much that i'm greatful for, and i think this is a great idea. Thank you Dean!