Brians journal

Brians journal

HI Everyone

My name is brian and im new to all of this i have read the book be a real estate millionaire about 7 times over this year among about 15 other books about real estate and feel i have a fair enough amount of info to get started. knowledge= confidence right? so here I am . Im going to atempt to assign a property i have drove around my neighborhood and found about ten properties so im finding out all the ins and outs about these at the same time looking for buyers agents or realtors before i contact the owners im vice president of a construction company so the fixer uppers would be no problem wish me luck everybody and feel free to leave any advice or comment good or bad


Brians Journal

this is brian i hope this is how you add to you journal dont really know but here goes nothing i went and found some local realtors plan on calling them tomorrow to start a relationship with one that will email me info on properties like how dean and rina discuss on the conference call wish me luck


this is brian again and i forgot that i went to found some houses in my neighborhood in shaker heights ohio and started to find out info about them and checked at the auditors website as well didnt find all the info but im still looking then i plan on calling the owners and locking up the properties for assignment also i went to and made about 4 ads targeting sellers and buyers will keep updating progess and would like to metion if anyone has some advice feel free to drop a line thanks again bye for now

Keep us Posted!

Best of luck to you Brian - and welcome to the DG family. Its the best group of people on earth for this business! Sounds like you're doing homework and approaching it the right way....I am living proof that by following what Dean teaches you CAN do it! I got the book in April, and I just closed on the sale of my first flip house today -it feels awesome! And I knew ZERO about real estate. So do your homework, be patient and the perfect deal will come your way!
Look forward to reading about your journey!

Hey, Brian.

Welcome, again! It's good to have you here. We look forward to you sharing your REI adventures and wish you ALL THE BEST!! You're doing great so far. Smiling



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Hey Rina

Thank you for your comment really apperciate it and all the post you have made and all the info that you give you are an motivation for all of us

re: Keep us Posted

thank you laura for wishing me the best of luck i had also read the book in april but im now just starting to take action and bye the way could you tell me about the deal you close yesterday it would help alot ok bye for now and thanks again


Hi this is brian again posting an update on my journal i woke up today and contacted 12 realtors through email i plan on calling them maybe friday if i get no response and i found a great site to help people find the phone numbers of the owners of the properties im looking at it's foun four numbers of the owners im going to contact later thanks eveyone for the support and i will keep everyone posted


Hey Everyone

Just gotten a reply from one of the realtors she's said she is going to set me up to start reiceiveing listings from the MLS for the area i had asked for. Hopefuly its the start of a beautiful relationship lol

Great work Brian!

Good start! I get mls listing updates really helps you learn about your area and pricing while looking around...and dont forget driving your target areas whenever you have some time. I drove about 2 hours today and found 5 houses I made calls on - 3 FSBO and two bank owned! The deals are out there - just do your homework and be patient!
You can read all about my first flip journey if you go under forums, then 'my deals' and find the heading 'first deal in place - but rent or flip?'..the whole journey is there from start to finish Smiling

RE : Great work Brian!

thanks Laura and i will check out the first flip journey have a great day

You are really a go getta Brian

Hi Brian, You are really putting yourself out there. Great way to go.



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new update

I've been getting updates for the realtor everyday there are so many as i live in cleveland ohio yeah it really sucks here there are a lot of forclosures and everybodies broke well not everybody but i am lol anyway but i ve been building up my buyers list have a fair number but im working on it called one the other day and they said they would be happy to discuss doing business got to contact some of the owners now to lock up some of these proerties and i started reading deans other book yesterday im half way finished it's so great cant put it down he's such a great person would'nt everyone agree bye for now got to go

Hi Brian!

Welcome to the DG family, we're so happy to have you here. Good luck with everything and let us know if you have any questions or need advice. The wonderful folks here are ALL so quick to help a fellow member on their journey to success. Keep us posted on your endeavors! Eye-wink

God bless you,


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Thank you

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the support i really appreciate

You're welcome!

That's what this forum is all about, that's why we call it the DG family. It feels like a close family around here. Glad to have you here with us!Eye-wink


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Psalms 118:23 "This is the LORD's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes."

What's New

i been really busy looking at properties, placing ads reading and learning everything i can about real estate ,talking to investors talking to brokers trying to do what dean said on the conference call about the iee so i have a few buyers on the table no deals locked up as of yet cause i have been focusing on getting everything the buyers wanted far as getting thier criteria info to the borkers im working with and finding the kind of houses that they want finding out about subprime loans it seems that fha is really the only one that focus on that kind of buyer anyway got a buyer that wants a few properties and basiclly told them bout the way it all works the iee and started a llc with them so we were waiting for the broker to call us up today but he did not get back to us thats about all so im still trying to get my first deal but the more and more i learn the more i get excited so until next post ......

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