Getting Started

Getting Started

I just got a call from a very enthusiastic lady about my newly purchased book, and was a bit embarassed that I hadn't even opened the package....sorry. I have always wanted to dabble in the quick turn over of real estate, but was concerned about the possibility of finantual fall out of failure. Maybe someone can give me some real world ideas of what I need to do to get started, and what is considered too deep for the first time person like myself. I read where it's a good idea to have some friends in the real estate business, but my concern is that once they have been given the heads-up by me, that they will just take over the deal...I know that real estate is pretty cut-throat, at least that is what I have heard from friends that have dealt with others in a partner sort of relationship....any ideas?


Hi Richard

Well, the very first thing you need to do is open your package and READ THE BOOK Smiling Between doing that, doing what it tells you to do, and returning regularly to this site for the wealth of information and support that abounds will find the right way to get started! I received the book last April, knew NOTHING about real estate, and have since done my first successful flip, invested in some land and am now on the active search for my next house. The point being, is that nothing will happen for you until YOU take action. You are holding in your hands all the knowledge you need to make the right decisions to invest in real estate. Remember the ultimate formula is Knowledge + Action = SUCCESS. You now have the knowledge, the ACTION is up to you! GO FOR IT - the feeling is unbelievalbe! Best of luck,

Dear Richard.....

Your Fears are REAL, however if you would give it a chance and READ the book, you would see that RIGHT NOW is the absolute BEST time to enter the real estate arena, their WILL be more MILLIONAIRES made in this "depression" in real estate than ever before. By the way, if(or when) you start reading the book you'll find out that it dosen't matter if you give somebody a heads up, cause you will have put the property "UNDER CONTRACT" which basically means, that they have to go through you, if they want the property. I know certain stuff dont make sense but, once you give the book a read, it will ALL come together, SULLY



Hi Richard!

Welcome to the DG family, it's so great that you decided to join us. You took that first step by buying the book, sit down when you have some free time and absorb it at your own pace. Your concerns are valid. But my feeling is that if you do share what you're doing with your friends and they cut you out, they weren't your friends to start with. I had a good friend help me and I offered to share half the profits with him, but he declined because he had too much going on. He regrets it in hindsight because I made $17,800 on that deal that we could've shared. But he didn't try to cut me out or steal the deal from me either. So if nothing else, this will weed out who IS your friend and who ISN'T, I guess. All I can add is to think positively, because that's what you will attract to you. That is my experience! ;D

Good luck and God bless you,


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Getting started

Richard, as a fellow "newbie," welcome to the family. I am reading, reading, reading. With reading & study of what you read comes knowledge. With knowledge comes confidence, and usually good decisions and proper actions, then accomplishments that will bring your desired results. The key is to do something. One hasn't started anything unless one is doing something, even if it is the first step of engaging one's brain on a subject. Interact with people on this site and you will learn, and I believe be encouraged and motivated to do something constructive about reaching your desires. Best wishes, Pas. Greg.