Chris and Jessica's Journal

Chris and Jessica's Journal

FINALLY! FINALLY! We actually went out and looked at houses yesterday. After being in the coaching program for about 3 months, we actually took the first step. Not that we really found anything but realtor signs and what not, it was still a step. Now we need to call and make appts to see the houses and get educated. Wish us luck.



keep up the momentum

Good for you guy's.
It seemed to me to be the hardest step.
Start making those calls and start building your team.
Don't be afraid to ask questions from people who know the bussiness but always trust your instincts.
This site is full of wonderful people who have already made the mistakes or made the right decision so if you ever need to bounce ideas off people who have already lived it or are currently living it come here.

Best of luck and welcome to the DG family



Good for you Chris and Jessica!! It doesn't matter if you found anything or not, what matters is that you took a GIANT step by taking action! You'll find them, don't worry! We're all proud of you and look forward to seeing you succeed in your REI!!

God bless you,


Cool Elena Cool
Psalms 118:23 "This is the LORD's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes."

Hi Chris & Jessica,

Hi Chris & Jessica,
Congrats on getting out there to look. What is the latest that you have done?
Have you got past the looking stage? I am so new I haven't even got to that stage yet, but am planning to.

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