Realtytrac any opinions?

Realtytrac any opinions?

Hello DG Fam!!!!

I have been searching the net for hours!!!! Basically looking for some good sites on obtaining properties in pre-forclosures.

Has anybody used or subscribed to It looks to me that it has the most to offer. The subscription fee is $49.95 per month.

It does offer a 7-day free trial and then you can cancel, but, I have dealt with other "free trails" that make it so hard to cancel it is rediculous!!

With a large family, even bigger bills lol, and two children in college, 49.95 per mo may just be too much for my finances. "But" if this site offers what it promises it does, it is definately well worth the "investment" Smiling

Any comments on this site or other sites that any of you may have or are using?




Realty Trac


I did the same thing you did by looking into Realty Trac from someone who posted in one of the forums.I signed in to their website and realized that they wanted $49.95 a mo. I don't have the money yet,I'm just starting out, so I logged off. I did this about a week ago.

Then, I receive a phone call from a Realtor in my area who told me that he is affiliated with Realty Trac. We talked about what I was doing as a new investor and he told me he would give me the listings for free. So now I get a list of about 25-30 REO's and other For Sale listings every week. Save your money and wait.

Right now ,I'm going through the book and forums to see how I can deal with Realtor's with bank owned properties who want pre-approvals and $1000's down.

Keep studying and researching , you'll do your first deal before you know it.

Why don't you look into foreclosure alert or Dean's coaching program? That's money well spent.

I'm trying to do this all on my own for now. If I had the money , I would definitely go with the coaching program. They will show you how to find Pre-foreclosures.


Ken, I'm up in Mass.


I'm up in Mass. only covers about 10-12 states, mostly west coast.


Hey Madison

I looked into RealtyTrac as well, and was turned off by the monthly fee. I took the 7 day free trial, but a lot of the houses that I was interested in that were posted on there were already off the market.

I don't know if this is typical of that site, but be sure to check into how long it takes them to post a house once it has gone on the market. Here in So. Calif., people are onto the forclosures and REO's immediately, and making bids. For a site like that to be profitable for this kind of market, it would have to have the info posted immediately. I didn't think it would work for me, so I canceled before they could charge me.

I would recomend looking into Dean's Automated Forclosure Finder (AFF). Much more worth the money. I will be using it myself once I get going on the coaching program. As Bob said, that would be another worthwhile investment, if you have the desire to put all your effort into this.


Keep dreaming



I found that Deans has more info like preforeclosures unpaid balance and default amount. On the default amount be aware that the bank adds fines. Keith Success be with you!

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