OK, Greg. I think I figured it out. When you are already a member it doesn't show the word "JOIN" anymore. For everyone else it does.
So, either I stay an honorary WI member of your Mass. group or I say goodbye if I can figure out how to un-join. LOL
Have fun. Smiling



Rina, I vote you Honorary President of the Massachusetts Group!!!!!!

All In Favor Say 'I'. Motion Passes!

In Favor!!! " I "

Madison's picture

I am also from Massachussetts and Rina, you are definately one of the best!!!!Eye-wink So again, I vote "I" !!!!! Smiling

Oh, you guys are too funny!

Rina's picture

Alright, I'm in. Smiling
Now let's hear about some awesome MA deals!
Look forward to your GREAT success!!!!!!!


Brand new here

BostonDolfan's picture

Still waiting for Dean's book to get here. Look forward to becoming another success story of his. Can't wait to tell everyone how I went from where I am now, horrible credit no money, to where I want to be. Good luck to everyone.


I am from mass also...and i look forward to working with and learning from all of you

Brand Newbie

Misift5150's picture

Hi My Name Is Mike,
I am totally new to all this and I'm sort of nervous about the unknown. I too can't wait to tell everyone how I went from being in a terrible rut, horrible credit, no money, no job, to where I want to be. I agree and I vote Rina Honorary President of the Massachusetts Group!!!!!! I have only been on this site for a day but your info so far has helped me so much. Thank You Rina

GO SOX!! (I know it's only spring training but i can't wait)

P.S. whats all this about a success team program? How do i sign up, How much is it and do i need it to be successful?


Misift5150's picture

WOW Not much action going on in Massachusetts..lol
any great stories out here, being a newbie i love to read about other peoples adventures in real estate. You can learn and get ideas from other people's experiences. Keep on Rockin'

Preforeclosures in RI/SE MA

kenfroment's picture

Hi Lisa,

I am new to the group and to REI in general. I see that you have been extremely helpful and supportive to the other members--thank you for being like that!! Can I impose on you for some forelosure info on these zip codes: 02864, 02865, 02780 & 02093? What website do you draw these from? Thanks again for your selfless contributions? Regards, Ken

Hi everybody.

edwincito's picture

I've just finished the book and join your group. This week I'm going to get my feet wet and see what is out in Brockton.

upside down

It looks like most of the properties own more than their value.


HI Ed I'm also in brokton

can we join together and talk how are you doing in brockton?

Massachusetts, And the SOX!!!

Wow, there have been a number of Massachusetts people coming around.

As a Realtor, I have noticed that my business is picking up alot also.

Real estate is in my blood, if anyone has questions, just let me know. I can be reached via greg.dibrindisi@century21.com or 413 695-4479..


Towns to look at

Misift5150's picture

I live in western mass on the Enfield Ct. border. Springfield,Agawam,Westfield,Longmeadow,Enfield Ct.
are some of the areas I know best.


Here's to your success...preforeclosures

Hi Lisa,

I am new to this as well but from CT. I was wondering what Preforeclosures do you have in the following towns:
Manchester, CT
Bloomfield, CT
Windsor, CT


looking for preforeclosure properties in Taunton

I live in southeastern massachusetts, Bridgewater,
and am looking for properties in Taunton. Looking for 2 or 3 family homes to buy and rent. Do you have any property listings for my area


Preforeclosure/Foreclosure Samples

Misift5150's picture

Thank You Lisa, very helpful

From mass also

Just ordered Dean's book. Can't wait to read it.

I can't wait to start working with some people around here. Very nervous and don't know what to expect. I'm putting my a plan together. Any insight for the best place to start as I am a newbe would be great. I just keep reading all the posts. and my head is spinning. Everyone on this site seemed very friendly. Thanks all have great day.

Hello Lisa

Hey Lisa. Thanks for the welcome.
It would be great if you had anything around Lowell and Tewksbury. That would be great.
Thanks very much.

Thanks for the support

Hi Lisa. Thanks for the list that was great info.
Just got Dean's book today haven't put it down.

Hi Greg. I've read some your posts will be okay once I get set up to give you a call.

Thanks to all. And have a great day

Hi Greg

Misift5150's picture

Welcome Greg,
You sure will love Deans book. I am just getting started myself (about a month and a half but i have been away for two weeks) I just joined Deans Success Academy, so far its been great. Between this site and the investment coaches from the academy they give you a wealth of helpful information. Never be afraid to ask for help, there are NO dumb questions. Stay Positive.
You will miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretzky

How do you go from where you are to where you want to be? I think you have to have an enthusiasm for life. You have to have a dream, a goal, and you have to be willing to work for it. "Don't give up, don't ever give up." - Jim Valvano

Acton/Ayer/Littleton MA Foreclosures and Preforclosures


I've recently purchased Deans book and am looking to get started in Real Estate Investing. I am looking for REO's, Foreclosed, and Preforeclosure's in Littleton, Acton and Ayer, MA. Any help you guys can give is greatly appreciated. Thanks everybody.



Hey Mike, welcome to the DG family. I can e-mail all all MLS listings. Just send me a Private Message. Also, you can go to www.preforeclosure.com

Agent Greg

Hi Greg

I live in Brockton MA can I please get a list of the brockton preforclosure homes.

mentoring program

Has anyone participated in the mentoring program if so would you recomend it.

Hello everyone

I have been looking for you all that live in MA especially in Brockton and it surrounding, I got 2 books from Dean I read on so far in 3 days I will start the second one soon But I will love to talk to someone becasue I am thinking about signup for the program that is offering to me. I really want to start now let me know I will drive anywhere in MA to see someone in person. thank you


Hines Enterprises's picture

Hello everyone my name is Michael and I am from Boston, i read both of Dean's real estate books and I am now in the first step of trying to assign homes by creating my buyers list. If you have any suggestions please let me know and Lisa if you could post one of those reports on Boston i would greatly appreciate it!

Area Codes

Hines Enterprises's picture

Thanks Lisa, the area codes i'm interested in are 02136, 02119, and 02131

North Shore

Vern's picture

Hey guys, Fellow DGer up here on the North Shore

Lisa, could you list me the totals for Salem, MA?


North Shore

Vern's picture

Hey guys, Fellow DGer up here on the North Shore

Lisa, could you list me the totals for Salem, MA?


MA also

I just joined having read both of Dean's books. I will call about the "Academy" and other tools next week.


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