10% to 25% Returns for Private Money: Inquire Here!

10% to 25% Returns for Private Money: Inquire Here!

My name is Joe Terry.

I've read Dean Graziosi's book BARM, as well as taken other real estate courses. I'm ready to begin my investment career and I'm building a list of properties that are great investments.

I prefer to invest in distressed single-family homes, but I will consider multi-family, if specific investors prefer that kind of investment.

I have chosen to operate in zipcodes (60628, 70714, among a few others). This way I get to know the areas, develop contacts and learn local trends.

1) I have a list of properties that should make great rehab opportunities in Chicago.

2) I have a potential partner in Chicago that already has properties he is willing to sell ... and I may be able to negotiate NO-MONEY-DOWN deals on those properties. All of the properties will require extensive rehabbing, but the price is right and the comps are there for some great upside potential.

3) 70714 is in Baker, Louisiana ... about 100 miles north of the Gulf Coast. Believe it or not, they did sustain some damage from Katrina, although it was minor. I was there in October 2005 serving as relief support for FEMA under contract to the Dept. of Labor.

It's a suburb of Baton Rouge, the capital of Louisiana which is also the home of LSU, one of the largest state universities in the country. Great, great opportunities. Long term growth. Solid community.

I'm not looking for "Hard Money" ... with a six-month payoff demand ... but I'm looking for "Money Partners" that want above averages returns in the 10% to 25% per year cash-on-cash return secured by 1st trust deeds/mortgages on real estate.

I will handle the investments, rehab contruction, and all other details of the business. Investors just needs to provide the operating capital ... until I can generate enough cash myself ...

I'm ready to make some money ... but I am focused on cash flow, not quick flips.

Please respond by Private Message or contact me at:

email: realestate@xchangereal.com


Joe Terry, CEO/Founder
email: joet at virtuola dot com