What information or experience can one share about this Investment Corporation?


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Hey Randall....

I was wonderin the same thing? Did you ever get any good info about this company. Idea seems phenomenal but do they actually have what they say they do. 10,000 investors for example??

I would love to hear what you found?

Thanks so much and good luck on your travels!



Robert M. Burkett CPA

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Ameraco Info.

Hello DG Fam. I looked into them and I emailed them for info on how they run there program. The representative called me and told me they pay a 10% finder's fee if their investors buy the property you find for them. He also told me that if I found them a $250K home for 50K that they would happily pay me 10% (5K) for my efforts. Right, I think if I found a $250,000 home for $50K I would keep it or flip it for mucho moula myself using Dean's methods. I can see where it would be nice to help you get rid of some properties but don't let them keep all of the money. He also told me he could help me out of $495 of my money to get started with their learning program. I might look into them later after I do a few easy deals with my DG fam's. help. He said he would not send me a brochure until he knew I was truly interested. Take care, Johnny D. "Learn all you can, because after you learn it, they can't take it back. (JD)

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